Artnet Talks: How to Build a New Art-World Career When All The Rules Are Changing

A conversation between: Studio Burns founder Charlotte Burns, Patron Gallery cofounder Julia Fischbach, managing director of Christie’s France Julien Pradels, and investor Devang Thakkar, moderated by Artnet News senior market reporter Eileen Kinsella.

Julia Fischbach:
Julien Pradels:
Eileen Kinsella:

A year of lockdown has created unprecedented challenges for the already opaque art world, ranging from the burden of cancelled IRL events to a steep learning curve for virtual art sales. As the world slowly returns to some semblance of normalcy, what will the art world and related career landscape look like in the months and years ahead?

To address this question, Artnet News teamed up with Art Market Mentors—a three-month mentorship program initiated by Catherine Manson and Caroline Sayan pairing art-market professionals with established members of the industry—to hold a series of free talks about art-world careers in 2021.

In the final edition of this three-talk series, we will speak with a mix of career art professionals who set out to start their own businesses (Burns and Fishbach) and those who joined the art world from other industries (for Thakkar, technology; for Pradels, hospitality).

What skills are crucial and how did they successfully apply them when they made the leap into a new role? In what ways is the art world open to new skill sets and new approaches, and where is it lagging behind? What skill sets does the art world want—and which ones does it need?

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