ConMet Digital Partners With Stephens Pneumatics to Supply Telematics for New Tank Trailer Builds

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ConMet Digital Partners With Stephens Pneumatics to Supply Telematics for New Tank Trailer Builds
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VANCOUVER, Wash. - January 10, 2023 - (

ConMet Digital is pleased to announce a partnership with Stephens Pneumatics, a manufacturer of highly customized tank trailers, transporters, and vehicle beds, to supply telematics systems for new tank trailer builds. Starting immediately, fleets have the option to add any ConMet Digital data solution to new tank trailer orders from Stephens Pneumatics.

The partnership is built upon a foundation of shared goals and values. Both companies are known for their unique focus on making the roads safer through a combination of high-quality products, attentive and customized service, and innovative solutions.

"We are excited to offer our customers the added visibility and safety benefits that ConMet Digital data solutions provide," said Stephens Pneumatics President, Stan Stephens. "The ConMet Digital services complement our high level of expertise, reliability, and service that our clients have come to associate with the Stephens name." 

The ConMet Digital suite of products provides fleet managers, drivers, and dispatchers with real-time visibility of a vehicle, including critical component condition and asset location:

  • The PreSet Plus® SmartHub™ telematics solution provides fleets visibility into the condition of the wheel end ecosystem, including hubs, tires, and brakes. Real-time alerts of any abnormalities give drivers or maintenance managers a chance to act before roadside repairs, thermal events, and wheel-offs happen. 
  • SmartTrack™ asset management provides accurate, up-to-the-minute GPS location to maximize productivity and monitor driver behavior. This solution provides insights such as asset speed and elevation, total distance traveled, and custom geofence alerts. The GPS location can help quickly find drivers that have been in an accident and aid in theft recovery, elevating safety and security. 
  • The SmartAir™ TPMS sends alerts when tire pressure falls outside of a predetermined pressure range, helping fleets make more informed tire maintenance decisions to extend tire life, improve fuel efficiency, and increase safety. 
  • SmartAir™ line pressure monitoring from ConMet Digital provides real-time visibility into emergency brake air pressure status. With this solution, fleets and drivers can easily view alerts and analyze trend data during pre-trip or maintenance checks and, while in motion, take quick corrective action to optimize emergency brake performance.
  • The SmartAir™ axle load solution provides real-time air-suspension-based axle load monitoring. Alerts enable pre-trip load adjustments to reduce over-weight fines and violations.

Fleets are seamlessly connected to actionable intelligence through a single-screen experience, accessible through the user's preferred dashboard on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The ConMet Digital dashboard allows fleet managers, maintenance managers, or dispatchers to access real-time insights, notification history, and historical trends of multiple assets in one location, while the ConMet Digital Driver Mobile Application assists with pre-trip inspections and sends drivers real-time alerts when action is needed on the road. Users can also set alerts to distribute via email and SMS text message.

"Our goal at ConMet Digital is to help fleets make data-driven decisions that lead to improvements in utilization, uptime, safety, and maintenance," said Paul Washicko, Vice President and General Manager of ConMet Digital. "We're proud to partner with Stephens and together be able to meet the unique needs of the tanker trailer segment where safety is a top priority."  


About Stephens Pneumatics 

For more than 30 years, Stephens Pneumatics has dedicated its team to meeting the needs of clients who rely on superior tank trailers, transporters and other vehicle beds to meet the demands of their jobs. Using a high level of design and manufacturing expertise, Stephens fabricates parts, components and trailers that keep their clients on the road.

As the industry grew, so did Stephens, offering custom fabrication and complete trailer repair and refurbishing services, providing the same level of commitment to customer service, and turning out high-quality tank trailers, beds, transporters and more.

About ConMet
ConMet, a division of Amsted Industries, is a leading global supplier of wheel hubs, aluminum castings, and structural plastics to original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket channels in the commercial vehicle industry. Founded in 1964, ConMet innovation has been critical in designing, engineering, and manufacturing revolutionary technologies for trucks and trailers. Today, ConMet products are standard equipment on most heavy-duty vehicles in North America and have a growing footprint worldwide. 

ConMet Digital was established in 2019 to advance its innovation on IoT (Internet of Things) for heavy-duty vehicles. The growing team has decades of experience across telematics, data science, wireless communications, and cloud computing. Together with the unmatched commercial vehicle expertise and support of ConMet, ConMet Digital provides holistic, actionable insights into the tractor-trailer ecosystem to help fleets improve operations.

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Megan Vincent
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Original Source: ConMet Digital Partners With Stephens Pneumatics to Supply Telematics for New Tank Trailer Builds

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Author Daryl R. McCullough’s second book, “Chubby the Bear’s Big Choice,” is set in a California redwood forest and tells the story of a sensitive, young bear struggling with bullies and self-esteem issues. This tender new book offers children, parents, and others of all ages an engaging story with several timely lessons on bullying, body image, weight-shaming, and self-esteem to be shared and discussed. Parents and children’s therapists have already heralded the book as an essential tool on the subject matter. Order now at Amazon, Barnes & NobleTarget or Archway Publishing.

Chubby is a fitting follow-up to McCullough’s award-winning first book “The Story of Tree and Cloud” — 1st Place, Pen Craft Awards; Finalist/5-Stars, “Reader’s Choice Book Awards”; 1st Place, “Firebird Awards”; and 3rd Place, “Best Children’s Book" and "Best Illustrated & Picture Book," Spring 2022, Outstanding Creator Awards. “Tree and Cloud” is a story about loss and managing grief, also set among California’s natural beauty, starring a California live oak tree named Folie and her new friend Puddle. “Chubby the Bear’s Big Choice” is similarly illustrated — not as a cartoon, but in a pure and naturalist style — by McCullough’s 80-year-old aunt Maryanne Smith, an acclaimed nature artist from Pennsylvania. 

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About the Illustrator

Maryanne Smith is a talented 80-year-old artist. She has designed and painted many high-end wallpaper designs for the premier York Wallcoverings. She has sold many works of art drawn from nature, and “Chubby the Bear’s Big Choice” is her follow-up to “The Story of Tree and Cloud.” She is from York County, Pennsylvania. Prints of images from each book are available for purchase.

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Melissa Penn

Original Source: New Children’s Picture Book Addresses Bullying, Body Image, Weight-Shaming and Self-Esteem, Opening Opportunities for Important Conversations Between Kids and Adults
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