Dayalbagh and Regional Satsang Association of North America Announces Basant Panchami Events and Celebrations for Local Chapters

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The Dayalbagh Regional Satsang Association of North America would like to wish all a Happy Basant. In the month of maagh, January/February, the auspicious day of Panchmi (the fifth day of the lunar fortnight in the Hindu Calendar), which is popularly known as Basant Panchmi, is considered as a blessed and sacred day among Hindus and is welcomed as a harbinger of joy and exuberance.

Besides the congregational celebrations, members of Radhasoami faith in North America view this auspicious occasion as one of many opportunities around the year to contribute to the local community.

The DRSANA chapter in New York recently hand knitted warm hats for kids associated with the local YMCA, while the Chicago chapter volunteers with non-profit organizations such as Feed My Starving Children. Each chapter strives to enhance the wellbeing of the community around them by embodying the ideals of universal brotherhood and service to mankind. 

The Toronto and Calgary chapters organize cultural programmes, involving children, youth, and elders, encompassing the history and values that the festival embodies. Basant is celebrated by the Atlanta chapter by organizing various events such as friendly games for people of all ages and cultivating a culture of sustainability through community farming.

For more information about Dayalbagh its activities, festivities, and events please visit:

About Basant Panchmi With the passing of the winter season, as soon as the season of Basant commences, there is an infusion of new energy in animals as well as birds, human beings, and vegetation. "Everyone looks forward to the Basant New year celebrations here - the energy, love, enthusiasm, and spiritual bliss are at a high and it's great to see everyone come together!" says the association's Regional President, Mr. K.B Mehta.

On the occasion of Basant, in Dayalbagh, a variety of programmes like baby Show, Fancy dress Show, Gymnastics and different Sports events are organized. In all these programmes, children, youth and all brothers and sisters actively participate with enthusiasm and zeal. In Dayalbagh and in Satsang colonies all over the country and abroad, the most glorious and attractive decorative lighting is displayed at night. For this candles and oil lamps (diyas) which can cause pollution, are not used. LED lights, powered by solar energy are used for this lighting decoration. Closer to home in North America, Basant is celebrated with great zeal, amongst the followers of the Radhasoami Faith.

The Basant season is of special significance for Dayalbagh, the headquarters of the Radhasoami Faith situated in the city of Agra. For the satsangis of the Radhasoami Faith, the auspicious day of Basant is one of extreme happiness and bliss as on this sacred day, February 15, 1861, the first Revered Leader of the Faith, Param Purush Puran Dhani Huzur Soamiji Maharaj, opened the doors of Satsang to the general public.

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Original Source: Dayalbagh and Regional Satsang Association of North America Announces Basant Panchami Events and Celebrations for Local Chapters

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