HITRY Launches Kirin Ultimate DSP 4K Light Engine to Upgrade Any Resin 3D Printer

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SHENZHEN, China - November 17, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Today HITRY, a company focused on innovative solutions for 3D printing, announced the launch of an exciting new light engine — Kirin for resin 3D printers. The latest Kirin DSP (Digital Surface Projection) Light Engine is an efficient projector designed to upgrade existing resin 3D printers. The device cleverly combines SLA, DLP and LCD technology into one. Now, instead of replacing their 3D printers, power users have a simple solution that instantly upgrades and futureproofs their printers with the latest 3D printing technology. Kirin DSP 4K Light Engine is coming soon on Kickstarter.

Kirin features a UV LED 405nm light source compatible with all 395-410nm photosensitive resins, making it widely compatible with virtually any resin 3D printer on the market. This instant performance-boosting upgrade is easily installed and is compatible with all common plug-and-play 3D printer control systems. With a 4K UHD optical lens, Kirin can adjust projection, distance, and build volume as needed up to 268*168mm for easy printing of larger models. It can also generate a pixel size of up to 37 um for greater flexibility and more highly accurate 3D printing. The system is user-friendly, intuitive and in just a few minutes, modified 3D printers will realize an ultra-high printing speed up to four times faster than typical machines for high-performance productivity. 

"DLP 3D printing is widely considered to be superior due to the speed, accuracy, and incredible model detail possible, making it beneficial across endless applications. However, they can be expensive and have limitations for larger builds. Our goal with the Kirin DSP 4K Light was to combine the best attributes of SLA, DLP and LCD technology into one so that users would have an affordable way to upgrade their current resin 3D printer and take advantage of digital light processing in which photopolymer resins are hardened by a projector for higher accuracy, larger volume, and lower cost," CEO Sam Chen said.

Upgrading a 3D printer with the Kirin 4K Light Engine also creates the endless potential for secondary development such as Volumetric Additive Manufacturing (VAM) — a photopolymer-based 3D printing process that produces complex 3D structures in just one step, without the need for support structures. VAM printing results in superior mechanical properties and eliminates processing steps to save time and effort when using the Kirin Light Engine.

Kirin DSP 4K Light Engine Upgrade is the best way to instantly boost performance and versatility for any resin 3D printer and unleash the power of Digital Surface Projection printing for virtually any application. This low-cost, high-performance upgrade takes 3D printing to the next level for consumers, businesses, and creators. It's the perfect way to get more from an existing 3D printer and unlock new potential. Kirin DSP 4K Light Engine Upgrade is coming soon on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here.

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