Natural TV Channel Launches Memorial Day on Roku TV

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Natural TV Channel

Roku TV

Dr. Terry Warren One Of The Founders Of The Natural TV Channel

Natural TV Channel launches it’s new network on Roku TV along with it’s website on Memorial Day

It is my commitment to educate people and promote a higher level of consciousness in order to preserve the environment and improve quality of life globally.”

— Dr. Terry Warren one of the founders of the Natural TV Channel

PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 24, 2022 / — Natural TV Channel launches it’s new network on Roku TV and it’s You Tube Channel along with it’s website on Memorial Day. The Natural TV Channel’s goal is to be a primary source of information, education as well as a resource on everything natural.

It is the goal of the Natural TV Channel to lead the forefront in the world of Natural Products and Alternative Medicine, as well as products and services concerned with preserving the environment and promoting Eco-Awareness. This is possible as the world of Natural Products and Alternative Medicine has established credibility and respect amongst consumers and professionals alike.

Over the last several decades, products and technologies have evolved into some of the most sophisticated science in the world today. The products have established efficacy, clinical trials have been done, and hundreds of thousands of lives have been improved by natural products and alternative treatments. It is their mission to seek out those unique products, and the world’s leading scientists and practitioners, to create a vehicle and a platform by which the incredible benefits of these can be revealed.

The vision for the Natural TV Channel is to be one of the most significant, informational and educational resource for Natural Products and Alternative Medicine used by people all over the world.

The founders have made a commitment to stay on top of the latest breakthroughs in science and technology, as well as new discoveries regarding unique, natural products, in order to utilize them to create a better way of life, and a healthier way of life, for communities across the globe. They believe in the old adage that “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”, and recognize that education regarding natural health practices, prevention, and awareness is greatly needed in our society. According to one of the founders Dr. Terry Warren it is my commitment to educate people and promote a higher level of consciousness in order to preserve the environment and improve quality of life globally.

The Natural TV Channel’s approach is to offer an unsurpassed wellness experience through providing programming with regards to comprehensive natural health information, interviews with leading health practitioners, and interviews about 100 percent natural and environmentally responsible products for family, household and pets. Whether searching for nutrition, wellness, disease management, or condition-specific solutions, Natural TV Channel will offers viewers content-rich programming provided by medical doctors, scientific advisors, health scholars, alternative health practitioners and subject experts from around the globe.

All facets of media, as well as doctors and nutritionists, are driving consumers towards “all things healthy”. Fast food outlets are offering healthier choices, everything is moving toward being “Eco-Friendly”, natural healing methods are becoming accepted alternatives to traditional medicine, and the entry of the hybrid vehicle, all speak of this Nation’s drive toward conservation and natural methods and products. There are millions of Baby Boomers who are peaking at the retirement age. They are very health conscious and seek every edge they can get to improve their health. The Natural TV Channel will provide content and programming that is relevant to the needs and lifestyles from children to seniors.

The Natural TV Channel will launch on Roku TV and social media with the idea of adding Amazon Fire and Apple TV within the next couple of months. There is also where you can view the programs and where the programs will be archived.

The channel will include interviews, talk shows, product presentations, technology demonstrations, news and documentaries. They are currently creating content as well as reviewing programs and interviewing potential programmers. The channel will also offer advertising opportunities. For more information about the channel and to be part of the channel email them at

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Introduction to the Natural TV Channel

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