Bright Star Community Outreach, in Partnership With UChicago STEM Education, Receives a $740,290 Grant Award From Hymen Milgrom for ‘Bright Star STEAM DREAM Initiative’

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Bright Star Community Outreach (BSCO) is pleased to announce receiving a transformative grant totaling $740,290 from the Hymen Milgrom Supporting Organization (HMSO) in collaboration with UChicago STEM Education (UCSE) at The University of Chicago. This significant funding will empower the "Bright Star STEAM DREAM Initiative" (BSSDI) to enhance educational opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics for students at Carter G. Woodson Elementary School and the Greater Bronzeville community for two years until August 2025.

Operating out of Bright Star's recently opened T.U.R.N. (The Urban Resilience Network) Center, The Bright Star STEAM DREAM Initiative encompasses three fundamental goals: High-Quality STEAM Programming through comprehensive school-day and out-of-school Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) programming at the TURN Center, catering to PreK-Grade 8 students and their family members from Carter G. Woodson Elementary School and other Bronzeville elementary schools. Capacity Building for Greater Bronzeville's elementary school teachers for high-quality STEAM instruction. Sustainable Partnership and Expansion between Bright Star Community Outreach (BSCO) and UChicago STEM Education (UCSE). This collaboration aims to facilitate continued growth and improvement in STEAM offerings within the Bronzeville community beyond the award period, ensuring a lasting impact on the region's educational landscape.

Debbie A. Leslie, Director of Education Outreach at UCSE, spoke about the promise of this award and the BSCO partnership. "We at UChicago STEM Education are so excited to build a long-term partnership with BSCO that allows us to bring together our organizations' respective strengths to support high-quality STEAM teaching and learning in Bronzeville schools for the duration of this grant and beyond." Principal Tamera Littlejohn of Carter G. Woodson said of the announcement, "We are elated to partner with BSCO/TURN Center in the Milgrom STEM Grant. Exposing our scholars to high-quality science education will be life-changing for future generations."

"We are thrilled and deeply grateful to the Hymen Milgrom and The University of Chicago for their unwavering support of this Initiative," said Pastor Chris Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Bright Star Community Outreach. "With this generous grant, we can help impact the students, teachers, and families of Carter G. Woodson Elementary School. This award helps us propel our goal of creating a talent network within the next generation of Bronzeville's youth and to bring resources like this to every underserved and underfunded school Bright Star serves."

About Bright Star Community Outreach:

Bright Star Community Outreach is a leading community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals and families within Chicago's Greater Bronzeville neighborhood. Through various impactful programs and partnerships, BSCO works tirelessly to address social and educational disparities, creating a brighter future for all.

About UChicago STEM Education:

UChicago STEM Education (UCSE) is a center devoted to research, development, and direct support for educators, families, and children that resides within the Physical Sciences Division of The University of Chicago.

Contact Information:
Perry Washington Jr
Director, Financial Resource Development

Original Source: Bright Star Community Outreach, in Partnership With UChicago STEM Education, Receives a $740,290 Grant Award From Hymen Milgrom for 'Bright Star STEAM DREAM Initiative'

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