GAT Sport Releases a New, Truly Delicious Plant-Based Protein — GAT PLANT PROTEIN

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GAT Sport is delighted to announce its new, gourmet flavored PLANT PROTEIN. This all-new plant-based, quad-blend of vegan-sourced proteins has a surprise distinction: It's really delicious compared to typical earthy, chalky-tasting plant protein powders. Some say it's mouthwatering.

GAT Sport Releases a New, Truly Delicious Plant-Based Protein — GAT PLANT PROTEIN
Plant Protein - by GAT Sport

The taste and texture experience of GAT Sport Plant Protein's mouthwatering gourmet flavors are the real deal. Unlike other unappealingly earthy plant-based proteins, GAT Plant Protein satisfies even the most discerning taste buds.

MONROE, Conn. - January 13, 2023 - (

GAT Sport Plant Protein has four gourmet flavors quite unlike other unappealingly earthy plant-based proteins. Plus, it's the real deal: gluten-free, dairy/lactose-free, and has no artificial flavors or dyes.

GAT Sport President & CEO Charles Moser made the announcement, "GAT Plant Protein satisfies even the most discerning taste buds. The flavors are fantastic. We've designed it to be the favorite of high-level competitive athletes and for anyone seeking a delicious, animal-free/dairy-free protein source. And, with just minimal carbs, sugar, and fat content, it's a perfect fit for fitness. GAT Sport is constantly redefining itself to meet and exceed expectations. We're proud to offer our global customers these delicious, high-quality products."

GAT Sport Plant Protein is a uniquely clean, plant-sourced "quad-blend" formula. It provides 20g of protein in a low-fat formula to indulge in daily. Its best-in-class flavors are fortified from agave inulin. Plus, they're soy and cholesterol free, are NON-GMO, Kosher Dairy certified, and the Pancakes & Syrup variety is Halal Certified. They can be used in baking with great-looking, great-tasting results.

Plus, GAT Sport Plant Protein is easily stackable with other GAT products, a feature that GAT customers request and expect. Use it with Nitraflex® Pre-Workouts, FLEXX EAAs™ Intra-Workouts, GAT Essentials Vitamins & Minerals, and with GAT Jetfuel® thermogenic fat-burners.

About GAT Sport

Charles Moser, President & CEO, has over 25 years' experience in training and supplementation formulation, design and marketing. Under his leadership, GAT Sport creates forward-looking products that propel athletes worldwide, and in the industry. Designing with clinically researched ingredients and university studies, he produces and markets clinically tested, efficaciously-dosed formulas that become legendary. Charles is diversifying this highly respected global brand with high-energy workout products and those for repair and recovery after training, plus general health & fitness. He drives TeamGAT to compete harder every day and on every level. Follow Charles on Instagram @GAT_CEO_Charles_Moser.          221.6k Followers        183k Followers        6.8k Followers

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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