Avatar.One Unveils HAIKU The Quantum Hacker: A Groundbreaking AI-Powered Interactive 3D Avatar

HAIKU The Quantum Hacker ROAD TOWN, Virgin Islands (British), October 4, 2023 (Newswire.com) - Avatar.One, a platform developing AI-powered interactive...

Introducing the New Co-Host of Kanpai Media’s OverDogs Podcast, Platinum Mike Perry

Overdogs Podcast Episode 7: An Hour and a Half of Uncensored Conversations with Darren Till + Yoel Romero, and Hosts Ice Bagz, Mac Mally, and New Co-Host Platinum Mike Perry.

Today, the Overdogs Podcast drops another banger episode featuring host @IceBagz_, co-host @Mac Mally, and new Co-Host @Platinum Mike Perry with guests Darren Till and Yoel Romero. 

Mike Perry is the “toughest human being on the planet,” according to Joe Rogan, and he makes his podcast hosting debut with old foe Darren Till as his very first guest. 

Platinum Mike Perry Said: "I'm stoked to be part of the Kanpai Media fam and share my fighting experience, perspective, and journey on the OverDogs Podcast — it's for sure one of the best shows out there in the Combat Sports world and I can't wait to connect with all the 2MM fans out there that have watched the show so far and also give back to my fanbase and sport!"

Darren Till and Mike Perry go toe to toe for 40 minutes in this wild, uncensored exchange live on air. In the opening minutes, Till tells Perry, “I just wanna fight you and knock you clean out.” Till later added, “Your specialty is power and pure toughness. My specialty is beating people like you.” Till and the team give their prediction for Alex Pereira vs Jiri Prochazka at UFC 295.

They all discuss the probability of Mike Perry fighting Logan Paul if Dillon Danis pulls out and the suit by Logan’s fiance, Nina, against Danis. Mike talks about his new contract with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

@IceBagz_ said: "We're thrilled to welcome Platinum Mike Perry as a new co-host to the OverDogs Podcast family, he's no doubt already added a layer of excitement and relevancy to the show as we are in the works of scaling the series to other premium leagues, conversation verticals and cultures, as we continue our exciting journey in scaling the podcast."

Till candidly discusses his business that was sued and later sold off. Finally, Darren Till and Mike Perry verbally agreed to fight in approximately 8 months in the boxing or bare-knuckle ring.

Yoel Romero talks about his car chase in Jordan with Mike Perry, his next opponent, and his controversial Israel Adesanya’s loss at UFC 248 that changed the trajectory of his MMA career. Yoel also lays out his plan for the UFC middleweight division, Sean Strickland’s first title defense, Dricus Du Plessis and Jared Cannonier.

“If he had more time to recover, the fight would have been different.” Yoel shared his feelings that Israel Adesanya needed more rest after his KO loss at UFC 281 to Alex Pereira and KO win just 5 months later at UFC 287.

Yoel also hints at who his next fight will be with. Watch the episode to see who Yoel Romero will be in the octagon with.

Watch Now: https://OverDogsPodcast.com

Contact Information:
David Nam
Head of Marketing, Kanpai Pandas | Kanpai Media | Kanpai Collective

Original Source: Introducing the New Co-Host of Kanpai Media's OverDogs Podcast, Platinum Mike Perry

Ovie Mughelli Shares Tips to Having an All-Pro Tailgate and Game Day Party on TipsOnTv

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Monumental Sports & Entertainment Opens 2023-2024 Season Bringing on Board Nisum as Key Technology Development Partner

Nisum Will Provide Strategic and Tactical IT Services and Solutions to Deliver Cutting-Edge Experiences and Engagement for the Sport Giant’s Universe of Fans, Partners and Stakeholders ...

NAU Alum and Hall of Fame Inductee Sierra Cristiano Leading European Soccer Team to the Top of the Austrian League

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden Women’s Team Recently Promoted from the Third Division Under Cristiano Now Leads the Second Division of Austrian Women’s Soccer ...

Jaylen Brown Takes Advocacy International With EFAC

Kenyan Scholars Get a Motivational Boost from the NBA All-Star

Jaylen Brown Takes Advocacy International With EFAC
NBA All-Star Jaylen Brown with EFAC Scholars

Education For All Children (EFAC) recently hosted NBA All-Star and 7uice Foundation leader Jaylen Brown for a motivational Q&A with the program's high school students.

Education For All Children (EFAC) recently welcomed Boston Celtics player and founder of The 7uice Foundation Jaylen Brown at one of their annual workshops. An exceptional athlete and social justice advocate, Brown set a goal to expand his footprint as a global citizen in 2023. The synergy between the two organizations led to this initial engagement with EFAC Scholars in Kenya.

In late August, over 200 students from EFAC’s high school program gathered in Nairobi, Kenya, for the annual Bridge-to-Success Workshop. This week-long residential workshop brings together students from all over Kenya to collaborate with EFAC staff and volunteers, ensuring their success in the coming school year. EFAC’s program focuses on mental health and wellness, building leadership and communication skills, and honing practical skills, such as digital and financial literacy. With The 7uice Foundation’s Bridge Program emphasis on social-emotional wellness, leadership development, and resilience coaching, Brown opened the workshop with a live, interactive Zoom call with the students to set the stage for the week.

Students prepared questions for Brown ahead of time, and a lucky few got to speak with him directly. Quinanne, a 10th-grade student who aspires to become an inventor to solve food scarcity in desert regions, approached the microphone appropriately dressed in her tracksuit to ask, “What is one of the greatest lessons you have learned in life?” Brown’s resounding message to the EFAC Scholars was, “There are a lot of lessons that life will teach you. But there’s one lesson that I've learned and I think it applies to sports, it applies to music, it applies to school, it applies to everyday life. And that is to have confidence. Never let somebody break your spirit, never give somebody the power to break your spirit.”

“That a renowned athlete and advocate would take the time to speak with our scholars and provide such generous advice and encouragement means the world to them. The warmth and energy was palpable throughout the interaction. These young people come from backgrounds where their future is not guaranteed, their education often ends before 8th grade, and they are often not convinced that they are valued even after they’ve achieved more than they could have imagined. Events like this reinforce the truth that they matter and give them confidence to fulfill their dreams and make a difference,” commented EFAC Country Director, Mary Kiguru.

As the leading education-to-employment program in Kenya, EFAC continues to grow in size, scope, and depth of impact. Matt Gianino, U.S. Executive Director of EFAC notes, “There is an African proverb that illustrates a core tenet of how EFAC optimizes its impact. It is, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together.’ Collaborations with like-minded organizations like The 7uice Foundation and education and empowerment champions like Jaylen Brown are critical to the long-term success of the young people we serve. By sharing his perspectives as an educator and activist as well as life-changing lessons he has learned along his journey, Mr. Brown has helped raise the gaze of future change-makers in Kenya.”


About Education For All Children (EFAC):

EFAC is an 8-year education-to-employment program serving Kenyan youth who demonstrate strong academic ability and leadership potential and who would otherwise be unable to continue their education beyond 8th grade for socioeconomic reasons. EFAC supports students in their academic, social and pre-professional development throughout high school, college and into their careers. EFAC was co-founded in 2008 by philanthropists Rod and Nancy Van Sciver of Rye, NH and African education leader Prof. Leah Marangu of Kenya, who became the country’s first female professor at Kenyatta University in 1978 and then its first female university Vice Chancellor at Africa Nazarene University in 1996. EFAC currently operates offices in Portsmouth, NH and Nairobi, Kenya, with active programming across Kenya. The program’s ultimate goal is to develop tomorrow’s professionals and leaders, creating paths out of poverty that transform their own lives and positively impact their families, communities, and country. www.efac.org

About Jaylen Brown:

In July 2023, Brown signed a five-year, supermax contract extension with the Boston Celtics. The deal is the most valuable deal in NBA history. A first-round top three draft pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, Brown joined the Boston Celtics at just 19 years old. He has since achieved two-time All-Star player status, is Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association (making him the youngest member of the executive committee in 2019 and reelected for 2023). As Vice President of the NBPA, Brown aided in the creation of THINK450, which helps NBA players gain control of their name and likeness. A community builder on and off the court, Brown hosts a Rookie event, during NBA summer league, in efforts to build connection amongst players. Brown's decisively clear devotion to social justice, especially changing the inequity in the education system, has led him to regularly be considered one of the most enlightened and intelligent athletes in the league. 

About The 7uice Foundation:

Founded by Jaylen Brown, The 7uice Foundation collaborates with institutions, organizations, and social change leaders to bridge the opportunity gap for traditionally underserved Black and Brown communities. In the United States, The 7uice Foundation’s signature initiative is the ‘Bridge Program’, a multi-day workshop focused on leadership, emotional literacy, and education for Black and Brown youth. This year the program hosted students from Boston public schools and worked in collaboration with the MIT Media Lab on a STEAM based program. Outside partners inclusive of NASA, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and many individual leaders also participated to inspire these bright scholars. www.the7uicefoundation.org

Contact Information:
Jen Henriquez
Communications Director
(603) 207-1088

Original Source: Jaylen Brown Takes Advocacy International With EFAC

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NAACP Excellence in Teaching Award Winner Andee Nunn Releases Memoir, ‘Magic in Room 216’, on Cyber Monday

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AeroGuard Flight Training Center Signs Deal With Piper Aircraft to Expand Fleet and Training Capacity With 90 New Planes

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Hypothesis Launches the Social Learning Innovator Awards 2023

The Awards Celebrate Trailblazers in Collaborative Education Through Online Annotation The Social Learning Innovator Awards 2023 ...

Hypothesis Launches the Social Learning Innovator Awards 2023

The Awards Celebrate Trailblazers in Collaborative Education Through Online Annotation The Social Learning Innovator Awards 2023 ...

Chef Ann Foundation Begins Accepting Applications for California Healthy School Food Pathway Pre-Apprenticeship

Program serves as entry point for a career in K–12 school food Healthy School Food Pathway Pre-Apprentices and Apprentices Juana Jaime, Jenee Marr...

Chef Ann Foundation Begins Accepting Applications for California Healthy School Food Pathway Pre-Apprenticeship

Program serves as entry point for a career in K–12 school food Healthy School Food Pathway Pre-Apprentices and Apprentices Juana Jaime, Jenee Marr...


VIP Minds CEO and Visionary Nora Abou Chakra Launches ‘Power Hearts,’ a Transformative Initiative Driving Social Change

CEOs revolutionizing philanthropy through inspiring charitable actions

Today marks the launch of "Power Hearts," an innovative initiative led by businesswoman and visionary Nora Abou Chakra. With each endeavor, Power Hearts embarks on a different mission, empowering CEOs to take direct action and make a tangible impact. Through immersive experiences and hands-on involvement, Power Hearts addresses pressing societal issues, fostering empathy and inspiring CEOs to become advocates for change within their organizations and communities.

Nora Abou Chakra, a respected entrepreneur known for her philanthropic endeavors, has once again demonstrated her commitment to driving social change with the launch of Power Hearts. Under this empowering initiative, CEOs from diverse industries come together to tackle pressing issues and create transformative solutions.

An example of these missions is hunger. Power Hearts combats hunger and alleviate the suffering of those affected by it. CEOs gather in a large-scale communal kitchen, where they actively participate in purchasing groceries and cooking meals for those in need.

The immersive experience provided by Power Hearts goes beyond the kitchen. CEOs physically hit the streets, personally distributing the freshly prepared meals to individuals experiencing hunger. This direct interaction with those in need further deepens their understanding of the issue, sparking a profound connection and a sense of shared humanity.

CEOs return to their organizations with a renewed perspective and a profound commitment to addressing the issue of hunger. They become ambassadors for change, leveraging their influence and resources to advocate for hunger relief initiatives within their respective communities and among their staff members.

Nora Abou Chakra, the driving force behind Power Hearts, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative, stating, "Power Hearts aims to create a ripple effect of compassion and advocacy. By immersing CEOs in the realities of pressing social issues, we ignite a powerful drive for change that reverberates throughout their personal and professional spheres. Together, we can make a significant difference and create a more compassionate and equitable world."

Power Hearts represents Nora Abou Chakra's unwavering commitment to leveraging the influence and resources of business leaders for the greater good. By providing CEOs with transformative experiences, Power Hearts empowers them to become catalysts for change and advocates for social causes that resonate with their hearts.

For more information about Power Hearts and its upcoming initiatives, please visit powerhearts.com or follow us on @power.hearts

Contact Information:
Stephanie Khalil
Executive Assistant to CEO

Original Source: VIP Minds CEO and Visionary Nora Abou Chakra Launches 'Power Hearts,' a Transformative Initiative Driving Social Change

Patrick Kilpatrick Joins Hypno Challenge to Showcase the Transformative Power of Hypnotherapy

Patrick Kilpatrick Joins Hypno Challenge to Showcase the Transformative Power of HypnotherapyPatrick Kilpatrick, a renowned actor and a pivotal figure in Hollywood, is poised to add his signature touch to the “Hypno Challenge” reality show on Gossip Stone TV as a co-producer and casting director. Kilpatrick’s extensive career in the entertainment industry spans decades, encompassing a multitude of roles in film and television, and has earned […]

Hypno Challenge: Reality TV’s Most Unique Transformation Show is Almost Here!

Hypno Challenge: Reality TV’s Most Unique Transformation Show is Almost Here!Get ready for an entirely new level of reality television as Gossip Stone TV gears up for the premiere of “Hypno Challenge,” a groundbreaking show set to air in January 2024. This unique program is poised to captivate audiences with its fresh approach to personal transformation and empowerment. “Hypno Challenge” is not just another reality […]

Beyond Hashtags: Wellness Expert Launches New Solution for Women Seeking Menopause Relief

Adrien Cotton Offers Clarity with Scientifically Proven Strategies in Online Program Adrien Cotton, Creator of MASTER Menopause NOW! Wellness Exp...

Beyond Hashtags: Wellness Expert Launches New Solution for Women Seeking Menopause Relief

Adrien Cotton Offers Clarity with Scientifically Proven Strategies in Online Program Adrien Cotton, Creator of MASTER Menopause NOW! Wellness Exp...

Agency Guacamole Hosts Seventh B.L.N.D. Event in Los Angeles to Support DE&I in Professional Beauty/Lifestyle

Panel on Genderless Beauty Brought Together Top LA-Based Creators, Industry Pros and Media

Agency Guacamole, a Los Angeles-based communications firm supporting leading beauty and lifestyle brands, hosted its seventh Beauty, Lifestyle and Nurturing Diversity (B.L.N.D.) event on Oct. 25, 2023, in Los Angeles. This year's B.L.N.D. conversation was around gender diversity with the theme “Genderless Beauty – The Future is Now.”

"What a special evening!” said Bilal Kaiser, founder and principal at Agency Guacamole. “This year’s topic around Genderless Beauty gave each of our panelists the opportunity to share their perspectives and passion for the industry and bring new insights to those of us working in the beauty/lifestyle categories.

“Our seventh B.L.N.D. event was our biggest event to date, and I couldn’t be more proud,” he added.

This year’s B.L.N.D. panel was moderated by Kaiser and featured three panelists:

  • Frederic Chen, beauty and lifestyle content creator 
  • Gloria Noto, professional makeup artist and founder of beauty brand NOTO Botanics
  • Maebe A. Girl, drag queen and Treasurer and At-Large Representative for the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council

Each panelist brought a unique perspective on the genderless beauty movement and covered a multitude of topics under the genderless beauty umbrella, including authenticity, inclusive marketing and the future of gender in the beauty industry.

Numerous brand partners were involved in the event, including Urban Decay Cosmetics, Baxter of California and Suntory, and guests were invited to a make-their-own-gift-bag station featuring covetable beauty products from the event’s gifting sponsors. 

B.L.N.D. started in 2018 and has taken place in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta and virtually since then. The goal of this annual initiative is to bring together key opinion leaders, industry executives, content creators and editors to talk about different themes around inclusivity.

"Our coast-to-coast experiences have brought together a community of amazing people who want to do and learn more,” added Kaiser. “After this year’s event, the feedback from our audience is even clearer that more conversations around DE&I are needed in the beauty and lifestyle categories — and we are up to the challenge. Just wait until you hear what we’re cooking up for B.L.N.D. in 2024.”


Agency Guacamole is an award-winning influencer marketing, PR and events firm, dedicated to exceptional service and developing innovative, cross-platform experiences for leading beauty and lifestyle brands. From product launch campaigns, content initiatives. influencer partnerships and experiential activations, Team AG thrives on bringing each client's vision to life in ways that are unique yet fun.

Just as a delicious guacamole recipe brings together various ingredients to produce a wonderful final product, so does Agency Guacamole's approach to experiential, social and PR: connecting the dots, sharing meaningful stories and inspiring all involved to deliver impactful, impressive and — of course — delicious results. 

Join us as we change the world one chip at a time.

Find out more at www.agencyguacamole.com or follow us @AgencyGuacamole.

Contact Information:
Alexa Lewis
PR & Influencer Manager
(310) 943-9640, ext. 509

Original Source: Agency Guacamole Hosts Seventh B.L.N.D. Event in Los Angeles to Support DE&I in Professional Beauty/Lifestyle

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