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‘Ensure Everyone We Touch Has a Better Life’: Omaha Company Prioritizes Giving in 2022

‘Ensure Everyone We Touch Has a Better Life’: Omaha Company Prioritizes Giving in 2022
Fusion Medical Staffing

The team at Fusion is pictured here for a check presentation after raising money for a local nonprofit.

Fusion Medical Staffing is driven by the core purpose: "To ensure everyone we touch has a better life." Philanthropic initiatives and volunteer opportunities are present throughout the year to fulfill that purpose. 

Fusion was able to donate more than $300,000 and thousands of volunteer hours in philanthropy efforts throughout 2022. The organizations benefitting from this include QLI, MS Forward, Make-A-Wish Nebraska, Angels Among Us, and countless other nonprofit organizations working to make the Omaha community stronger. 

"It's about more than just writing checks," said Steve Koesters, Fusion CEO and President. "We're trying to really make an impact on the community and understanding what our people are passionate about helps us do that in the best possible way." 

Fusion is unique in the sense that employees choose where efforts are directed. Employees have the opportunity to submit proposals for donations to be made to nonprofits they are passionate about. In addition to monetary donations, there are also several communication channels employees can utilize to rally team members for volunteer hours or donations for various drives. 

"Fusion is always working to simultaneously empower its employees and nonprofit partners to make a difference in the community," said Jackie Froendt, Chief People Officer. "Our entire team here knows the impact these nonprofits make just in our backyard, and it makes Fusion employees feel good to shine a light on the causes they care about."

Fusion is an award-winning, Omaha-based healthcare staffing agency that provides career opportunities for healthcare professionals by helping medical facilities fill their staffing needs. Initiatives are carried out throughout the year to also ensure healthcare professionals and facilities the company works with are positively impacted by working with Fusion.

Fusion is hiring in several departments. Learn more about how you can help ensure everyone they touch has a better life at

About Fusion Medical Staffing:
Fusion Medical Staffing connects traveling healthcare professionals with their dream job anywhere in the country. We give our travelers the support they need to be heroes in their workplace. We exist to ensure everyone we touch has a better life. We strive to stay humble, driven, and positive.

Contact Information:
Leah Kemple
Public Relations Specialist

Original Source: 'Ensure Everyone We Touch Has a Better Life': Omaha Company Prioritizes Giving in 2022

After a Year of Consolidation, TSplus Tackles the Challenges for 2023

The TSplus Headquarters teams gathered last week to present the achievements of 2022 and talk about projects for the Future. The past year has been a time for TSplus to consolidate its position as an expert in Remote A...

CORRECTION: Wheels Up Founding Chief Growth Officer and Global Brand Ambassador, Stephanie Chung, Joins Washington Speakers Bureau’s Exclusive Speakers Roster: Available for Bookings

The Washington Speakers Bureau is proud to announce the addition of Stephanie Chung, the Founding Chief Growth Officer and Current Global Brand Ambassador of Wheels Up, to their exclusive speakers roster.

"We are so excited to welcome Stephanie to our exclusive speaker roster," said WSB President Ryan Heil. "Stephanie's ability to engage audiences and inspire professionals to reach new heights through sharing powerful leadership lessons and proven sales strategies based on her extensive experience is sensational," he added.

As a speaker, Chung brings electrifying energy, practiced science, and tested wisdom to audiences spanning nearly every sector, diving into issues leaders face including business development and growth, sales, remote work, and women leadership. Audiences leave motivated to make impactful changes in their own organizations.

As the first African American president of a major private aviation company, JetSuite, Chung is a well-known, highly regarded trailblazer. Her insights have been gathered over a 30-year career during which she has catalyzed transformative growth in the organizations she's led.

At Wheels Up, Stephanie drove revenue growth through strategic client acquisitions and expanding the next generation of private flyers to a more diverse membership base. She is known for inspiring loyalty among clients, making Wheels Up a provider of choice for private travel.

In addition to her work with Wheels Up, Stephanie currently serves as a member of c200, a community of the most successful women in business. She is also a member of the Advisory Council of the National Business Aviation Association and the Advisory Board of the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. For her achievements, she has been recognized in D CEO Magazine's Top 500 and included in the Ebony Power 100.

For a motivating, thought-provoking experience, book Stephanie Chung for your next conference, meeting, or corporate engagement. Visit to learn more.


WSB is the world's largest talent agency focusing solely on the corporate speaking and lecture circuit. For more than 40 years, we have represented the very best keynote speakers from a variety of fields, from fortune 100 CEOs, to athletes, coaches, authors, presidents, prime ministers, and thought leaders. We remain the first choice of the world's pre-eminent speakers through our relentless focus on integrity, discretion, and care for our speakers and our customers. We have been fortunate to have had the pleasure to represent 3 former U.S. Presidents, 6 former British Prime Ministers, 5 former Secretaries of State, iconic authors, business leaders, and countless others of the most impactful voices of the last 40 years.

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Contact Information:
Washington Speakers Bureau

Original Source: CORRECTION: Wheels Up Founding Chief Growth Officer and Global Brand Ambassador, Stephanie Chung, Joins Washington Speakers Bureau's Exclusive Speakers Roster: Available for Bookings

Canto Ends Year Strong Despite Economic Headwinds

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Inflation Causes Less Uncertainty When Businesses Can Adapt to Rising Costs

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Cashier’s Check vs. Money Order: Pros and Cons

iQuanti: Cashier's checks and money orders are certified funds — payment guaranteed to clear when you use it. You can pay for the cashier's check or money order ahead of time and get a piece of paper representing the payment. You then pay with the cashier's check or money order. Then, the company that sold you the cashier's check or money order transfers the money. Doing this prevents bounced checks and insufficient funds since you already paid.

All that said, cashier's checks and money orders differ in several ways. These differences make each one suitable for distinct situations. This article will compare a cashier's check vs. money order by defining each and looking at their benefits and drawbacks.

How do cashier's checks work?

Cashier's checks are a type of official check issued by banks and credit unions. When you buy a cashier's check, the institution draws funds from your savings or checking account to cover the amount plus the issuing fee and then signs and issues you a check. You can then use the cashier's check for your purchase.

Pro: Available in large amounts

Policies differ between banks, but cashier's checks generally don't have a limit on the amount you can get one for. As a result, cashier's checks can often be used for larger purchases.

Pro: More secure

In general, cashier's checks are considered to be more secure than money orders. They are offered only by banks and are used for large purchases, so they come with additional security features to guard against fraud.

Con: Only available at banks and credit unions

You can get cashier's checks at banks and credit unions, but you also must have an account with that bank or credit union to do so. You can visit a bank branch to get a cashier's check or go on their online website to order one.

Con: More expensive

Many banks sell cashier's checks for no lower than $10. Some may sell them for even more. This is a substantial fee simply for accessing your money, so make sure you must use a cashier's check for the specific expense.

How do money orders work?

Money orders are another form of certified payment available at banks and credit unions, but also supermarkets, convenience stores, and several other locations. You can purchase a money order by paying the amount you want plus an issuing fee with cash, debit card, or traveler's check. You generally can't use credit cards since those are forms of debt. If you do, it may be treated as a cash advance. Upon purchase, the issuer hands you a check representing that money order. When you pay someone with the money order, the issuer transfers funds to the payee.

Pro: Widespread availability

Money orders are sold at many locations that you might visit regularly. Some places you can purchase a money order include:

  • Western Union
  • Banks/credit unions
  • Convenience stores
  • Gas stations
  • Post offices
  • Supermarkets

Pro: Cheaper

Money orders tend to cost no more than $2 to $3. This makes them more affordable than cashier's checks. Plus, since they're available at more locations, you have more room to compare costs and find the cheapest money order provider.

Con: Lower limits

Money orders are generally available for up to $1,000. Many money order providers won't let you purchase a money order larger than this. For larger purchases, you'll have to buy multiple money orders and pay the fee each time.

Con: Must be bought in person

Money order issuers must verify your identity, which can be hard to do over the Internet. So, keep in mind that money orders are rarely, if ever, available online. On the other hand, cashier's checks are only available at banks and credit unions, but you can often buy them online since you'll have a bank account with the bank already.

The bottom line

Both cashier's checks and money orders are certified funds. Each one's specific features suit them for different situations. Cashier's checks generally offer large amounts and higher security but cost more and are only available at banks and credit unions. So, cashier's checks can be excellent tools for putting a down payment on a home or car.

Meanwhile, money orders are cheaper and available at numerous locations. However, they're only available for up to $1,000 in most cases. As a result, money orders can be helpful for paying bills or placing a deposit on an apartment. Make sure to weigh these features against your specific expense to decide whether a cashier's check or money order fits your needs best.

Contact Information:
Keyonda Goosby
Public Relations Specialist
(201) 633-2125

Original Source: Cashier's Check vs. Money Order: Pros and Cons

5 Instances Where Emergency Same-Day Loans Can Come in Handy

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The Amy Schumer Interview on ARI GLOBAL Show

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Crypto Lists Adds Overview Section Dedicated to Casino

Crypto Lists' new section features a variety of toplists covering a specific range of casino offerings. These include new crypto and real money casinos, decentralized casinos, Bitcoin and Ethereum casinos, with a sportsbook section coming soon.

Crypto Lists Adds Overview Section Dedicated to Casino
Crypto Lists Logo with flying markers

Flying markers and Crypto Lists logotype continues to add value to their readers, as they start following a new direction, one which features online casino as an additional cornerstone of the site.

The overview page presents snippets of the individual casino-related toplists, making the site easy to navigate for readers who are searching for something specific. While there are some more crypto-specific toplists, such as decentralized casinos, others include real money casinos and those with instant payouts after winnings. Interested parties may view the page here:

Shaping up nicely
The co-founder Markus Jalmerot is enthused with the new and dedicated casino section, explaining: "The company's other co-founder and I come from the casino space, so it was always an intention of ours to explore crypto casinos once it was established as a flourishing niche."

He continues: "We perhaps didn't imagine it getting off the ground so quickly, but we're really happy at how the casino section of Crypto Lists Ltd. is shaping up. And, of course, we're not forgetting about the coins and exchanges that our visitors know us for. We're simply adding another string to the bow, so to speak."

A plethora of lists
Linked to the overview page are a variety of different toplists to help readers make the most informed choice. Both new crypto and real money casino sites can be found at Crypto Lists aims to have visitors covered whether they're looking for casino sites specializing in Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits, as well as no-wager and decentralized casinos. Additionally, there are plans on the near horizon to create a toplist featuring casinos that have sportsbooks.

Room for traditional online casinos
Although crypto is the central theme of the website, Crypto Lists also has listings of real-money-only casinos, since a considerable number of people prefer to use traditional currencies when playing. Many crypto casinos in the toplist accept fiat as an alternative funding method, and these brands are clearly reviewed, classified and listed as such. Branching out into 'traditional' casinos will help the toplist site to venture further into the online gambling space, adding more value for its visitors.

Contact Information:
Markus Jalmerot

Original Source: Crypto Lists Adds Overview Section Dedicated to Casino

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