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Announcing New “30 Seconds Video Web App” Video Marketing Solution

Acquire an edge over your competition with 30 Seconds Video

Announcing New “30 Seconds Video Web App” Video Marketing Solution
30 Seconds Video

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Marvellent, Inc. launched the first ever video marketing web app in history. 30 Seconds Video is a revolutionary app that utilizes a unique workflow to help business owners and managers create custom videos according to their budget and vision. It is the first app which lets business owners create videos in automated fashion with predictable results at a fraction of cost. Up till now video marketing was expensive, time taking and unpredictable, requiring tedious negotiations and huge budgets. Not so anymore with Marvellent, Inc.’s 30 Seconds Video web app where businesses can create high quality video presentations to inform audience about their products, services or causes in minimum time and cost, and convert visitors into revenue. More information about the app is available at .

When asked about the idea behind 30 Seconds Video, Marvellent spokesperson Kate McDonald emphasized on short human attention span. “People want information. Fast. A lot of research proves that if you’ve grabbed their attention in 30 seconds you’ve hit the bull’s eye. Take Milo O. Frank for example. He knew the win-or-lose value of 30 seconds, and so do we!”

Team Marvellent is determined to take video marketing to the next level by empowering their clients. 30 Seconds Video allows its user to envision a video according to their requirement and budget. The team provides personalized consultation and takes customer feedback seriously. The end product attracts more paying customers than any other marketing tool.  

Marvellent offers pricing and plans with no up-front payments, no surprises and no worries. Their Starter Plan starts at CAD$499 that offers custom script writing, logo placement, the ability to select from different models, URL placement and the ability to select background and more. Marvellent started processing orders even before its launch. ​

About Marvellent, Inc.: Marvellent, Inc. is led by a team of marketing strategists with more than 15 years of web marketing experience. This allows them to provide a full-stack of marketing services for their customers. More information about Marvellent, Inc. can be found at or by emailing .

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30 Seconds Video
30 Seconds Video

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Marvellent's Pro Model


Marvellent's Pro Model


Marvellent's Premium Model

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CD Genomics Explores the Difference Between 16S Sequencing and 16s Metagenomics Sequencing

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Lori Vander Ark’s New Book Addresses the Need for Government Reform

Lori "Cleopatra" Vander Ark grew up in the Bible preaching conservative Dutch Christian Reformed area of West Michigan. Graduating in 1988 from Unity Christian High School located in Hudsonville, Michigan. Lori always knew someday she would reveal lost Biblical mysteries on to a world stage with the many priceless truths lodged within history and herself that she has brought with her into this 21st century lifetime. As a reader of mysteries one can purchase volume one, second edition of the author's memoir titled, I Remember Heaven Before Earth, by going to, Barnes & Noble, Books A Million. eBay.

The author's memoir contain secrets, mysteries unravel upon each sentence written on information the author feels the public should know concerning many religious, taboo, and government matters. Some of the secrets expose American government corruption and case files. The underlining need for the current FBI Director and current CIA Director to be grilled on their knowledge of cases far and beyond the boundaries of Washington law politics. Sometimes it is the lack of positive government action on pertinent case files resting in rural American metal file cabinets that have been presented to the FBI that need questioning by a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, simply because those cases affect the general public more than power plays in Washington, D.C. by the elite leaders. The author stresses a need for government reform. Mentally travel to these sites and read about some of these cases by opening the pages of the book, I Remember Heaven Before Earth. One can also click onto the author Lori Vander Ark's name on her Amazon page for her author activist blog for Government Reform in America. 

The author Lori Vander Ark-DeBartolo has made her home back in Northern Georgia, USA since August 2014. She has been married for over fourteen years, with an eleven year old son named Eddie and a thirteen year old dog named George. The author spends her time hiking, caving, swimming, and writing.

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Analytical Authority Finds Relief in Book

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Haining, the Hollywood of China’s Green Lotus Leaf Movie Culture & Production Co. Ltd Announces LA Reception June 6th

Haining's Green Lotus Leaf Movie Culture & Production Co. Ltd Sets Hollywood, Haining East West Collaboration Celebration June 6th in Los Angeles

Hollywood, CA - May 30, 2016 - (

The Hollywood, Haining reception and celebration has been set for June 6th in Los Angeles drawing Hollywood celebrities, filmmakers, politicians and businesses eager to expand globally with the explosively growing film production friendly capital of Haining, China.    

The Vice Mayor of Haining and China (Zhejiang) International Film Cooperation Experimental Zone of Haining City extends a goodwill invitation to those wishing to explore doing business with rising production capital Haining, China's fastest growing film production center.

Haining City has been dubbed the Hollywood of China for its explosive growth in movie making. Decision makers, production liaisons and fixers from the regional film-making hot spot Haining welcome the Hollywood community for a cultural exchange extending the Asian Heritage Month celebration established by President Obama.

Haining's over 270 production companies generated 400 million in revenue in 2015 with this figure projected to double shortly says Haining City economic adviser George Yeh Yang, keynote speaker of the June 6th Los Angeles gala. "I will be on hand to answer questions directly about film funding, technology project funding, and production partnerships in Haining. "Haining City has the best film production incentives and tax credits in all of China" says George Yeh Yang.

The Hollywood community is invited to expand with the rapid growth film market and production center Haining.   George Yeh Yang, the Haining City Advisor, will be on hand to discuss doing business in the production friendly and budget accommodating locale on the coast of China an hour by train from the further inland city of Shanghai. Haining City is already known as the center for the largest leather and fur shopping outlets in China and all of Asia.  Located on the Yangtze River Delta by the Qiantang River, Haining literally means calming of the waves.

All those interested in doing business with the rapidly growing production friendly center Haining are invited. Please RSVP with your proposal on joint collaboration. All proposals and collaborative pitches are welcome to be forwarded to

Sponsorship packets are available to those wishing to expand their brand globally to this growing market beginning at $5,000 and open to discussion. For information on collaborating with the 400 million dollar industry please RSVP to

About the June 6th Haining Delegation & Luncheon

Scheduled to attend the June 6th gala are: Hu Yanzi, Vice Mayor of Haining City, Yin Jianwei, Deputy Director, Haining Service Industry Development Bureau, XuJianming, Director of Haining Bureau of Finance (Local Taxation Authority) and Director of Haining State owned Assets Administration Commission, Du Yingchi, Town Mayor of the People's Government of Xucun Town, Haining City, ZhuangYuchang, Assistant Director of Haining China's Leather Market Administrative Committee, RenYoufa, Board Chairman of Haining China Leather Market Co, Ltd., George Yeh Yang, Economic Adviser of Haining City and the CEO of Green Lotus Leaf Movie Culture & Production Co. Ltd.

Haining is the International Experimental District of Film and Television Industry in China (authorized by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China.)  

About Green Lotus Leaf Movie Culture & Production Co. Ltd 浙江青荷叶影视文化有限公司(海宁市)

"Green Lotus Leaf Movie Culture and Production Co. Ltd is very proud to be selected from among the almost 300 entertainment companies in Haining City to become the official entertainment company to accompany leaders of Haining City to explore, and visit Hollywood and Los Angeles. GLL works hard to bring the best and most exclusive entertainment and movies to audiences in China and worldwide. Green Lotus Leaf Movie Culture and Production Co. Ltd invites and is open to entertainment and film co-production and collaboration with US companies and worldwide" says George Yeh Yang President and CEO of Green Lotus Leaf Productions.

Mr. George Yeh Yang is the economic adviser for Haining City and CEO of Green Lotus Leaf Movie Culture and Production Co. Ltd of Haining City, Zhejiang Province.  "We are very proud to help both Haining City and the Green Lotus Leaf Culture and Production Co. Ltd grow, developing into major influencers in China's entertainment Industry and worldwide" says George Yeh Yang in a statement from Haining City.

With China co-productions the 80 million budgeted "Tetris," Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson's "Skyscraper" and "The Great Wall" starring Matt Damon in the works, George Yeh Yang also promises an official announcement on an upcoming 3-D animated Chinese feature film which has been government approved for release without limitations to all of China as well as over 100 Countries around the world during the June 6th Los Angeles event.

Contact Information:
Fran S
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Haining City Canal

Haining City Location

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Profacgen Introduced Pull-Down Assay for Protein Interaction Study

Shirley, May 17, 2016 ( - Profacgen, a state-of-the-art protein service provider that serves a broad spectrum of industrial and academic cl...

Horrific Accident Turns Tragedy Into Triumph

After a horrific car crash, multiple surgeries, and an extensive recovery period, Gabe Hurley was given another chance at life. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently presented Gabe Hurley with the Patients of Courage Award, and recognized Dr. Patel of The Plastic Surgery Center for his surgical talents. The award came with a monetary grant which Gabe donated to Robert Wood John Hospital Level 1 Trauma Center's Safety Ambassador Program.

Gabe is an accomplished guitarist and a motivational speaker who strives to encourage others through his music and presentations. That’s despite Gabe’s sudden blindness, months in a brain trauma unit and having undergone 12 surgeries to have his face reconstructed from a horrific car crash; a crash that wasn't Gabe’s fault.

Gabe was driving to a pharmacy one night six years ago when an oncoming car driven by a teenager, slammed into the bridge. The force of the crash hurled the car’s 20 pound radiator through the windshield of Gabe’s car, resulting in catastrophic injuries.

When Gabe awoke from a coma, he was blind and unable to speak; his jaw had been wired shut. He communicated by writing, but could not see what he wrote. Gabe endured multiple procedures, one requiring nearly 20 hours to perform, where plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Tushar Patel of The Plastic Surgery Center reconstructed Gabe’s face, which at the time of the accident was almost unrecognizable, using bone from his rib and skull. Through the following 8 procedures, surgeons were able to repair bones in his left hand, eventually allowing Gabe to relearn the guitar and continue playing in his band. Dr. Patel was there through Gabe’s long recovery.

Gabe had plenty of time to consider his new way of life. He was a young adult in his mid-20’s, who prior to the accident, worked, went to the gym regularly, and ran several miles every day. Now, he was thinking about getting a guide dog, but that was a practical matter. What about his emotions, attitude, outlook, and approach to the rest of his life? Coming so close to death somehow reaffirmed Gabe’s determination to live a full and meaningful life.

Gabe recovered from his injuries and decided to put his challenges to use in a positive way. Gabe now speaks before large groups of students where he describes all the challenges he’s had to overcome. Gabe shows the groups of students his graphic images; from the accident scene, to CAT scans of his injuries, to photos of him lying helpless in a hospital bed. The talks have also become a perfect opportunity to convey a message on the need for driver safety and awareness, and the responsibility that comes with getting behind the wheel of a car. Gabe closes his presentations playing some selections of classic rock songs on his guitar.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently presented Gabe with the Patients of Courage Award, and recognized Dr. Patel for his surgical talents which gave Gabe a second chance at life.  The award came with a monetary grant which Gabe was free to donate to a favorite non-profit. Gabe chose Robert Wood John Hospital Level 1 Trauma Center’s Safety Ambassador Program.

SOURCE: The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction at The Plastic Surgery Center

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