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Asia-Pacific’s Travel Industry Could Be the First to Recover by 2023

Asia-Pacific’s Travel Industry Could Be the First to Recover by 2023The recently released 'Travel & Tourism Economic Impact' report indicates the travel industry in Asia-Pacific may be the only one worldwide to recover by 2023.

Asia-Pacific’s Travel Industry Could Be the First to Recover by 2023
Inspiring Vacations

Inspiring Vacations

MELBOURNE, Australia - November 2, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

According to Inspiring Vacations, provider of exciting worldwide experiences including tours to Alaska, Scandinavia tours and everywhere in between, the pace of recovery for the tourism industry has been strong, as more places reduce or remove travel restrictions and the demand pent up during the pandemic is released.

Inspiring Vacations explains that certain factors pose a risk to the recovery of the travel industry around the world including rising inflation, high energy prices, labour shortages at airports and lockdowns in China.

Despite these concerns, the annual report produced by London-based World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) shows that Asia-Pacific is expected to recover at an incredibly strong pace. The report highlighted that tourism revenue dropped in the Asia-Pacific by 59% in 2020, which was more than anywhere else in the world.

The Alaska tours operator explains that in 2021, with most countries in the region maintaining strong border restrictions, recovery to the travel industry was muted. The WTTC report showed revenue from tourism in Asia-Pacific contributed only 16% to regional gross domestic product while in Europe that figure was 28% and 23% in North America.

This year, however, the WTTC report indicates that Asia-Pacific travel revenue is expected to contribute 71% to the overall economy. Inspiring Vacations says travel in the region is skyrocketing, with restrictions eased or removed in most countries.

The WTTC report expects Asia-Pacific's travel industry to continue to gain traction with positive growth forecast in 2023 and 2024. It estimates that by 2025, travel revenue will contribute 32% more to the region's GDP than pre-pandemic levels.

In more exciting news for the industry, the WTTC report predicts that 126 million new jobs will be added in the next decade, with 65% of the new jobs expected to be in Asia-Pacific.

A proudly Australian owned and operarted company, Inspiring Vacations offers tours to suit everyone at unbeatable, value for money prices. To discover more about exciting worldwide experiences including guided tours of Alaska and tours to Scandinavia, get in touch with Inspiring Vacations.

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Blavity, Inc. Welcomes Former Team Whistle Executive as Company’s New Chief Business and Chief Financial Officer

Blavity, Inc. Welcomes Former Team Whistle Executive as Company’s New Chief Business and Chief Financial OfficerWasif Khan, a 20-year-plus industry veteran, joins Blavity Inc. to accelerate the company's next stage of growth

LOS ANGELES - November 1, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Blavity Inc., the corporation behind AfroTech, 21Ninety, Travel Noire, Shadow and Act, and Blavity News, today announced the appointment of Wasif Khan as the company's Chief Business and Chief Financial Officer. Khan will lead efforts to develop and execute a long-term revenue model and integrated financial and business plan, as well as advise Division leaders on managing their vision operationally. As the organization grows, he will maintain a sustainable, people-first, financial, and operational environment and work with the senior executive team to develop and execute strategies that advance the company's mission and values.

With over two decades of experience in end-to-end business and financial management across industries, Khan brings expertise in building intellectual property-driven business models, developing strong teams, and operating fast-growing companies. In addition, he is a proven operationally-focused CFO with experience scaling and navigating operations for organizations looking to disrupt category norms and achieve success. Before joining Blavity, Khan worked as CFO and COO at Team Whistle, a global sports media and entertainment company, and helped the brand scale through its successful acquisition. He has also had notable success growing several early-stage, high-growth companies, including Gilt Groupe and Warby Parker, where he led all finance, operations, legal, and business affairs.

"As Blavity Inc. grows and scales, I am committed to strengthening our leadership team and bringing in experts to help our corporation expand to a new level," said CEO and Founder Morgan DeBaun. "Wasif Khan is a seasoned media executive whose relationships and expertise can take our business to the next level. Wasif is a proven leader with a successful financial and operational track record in digital media."

"I am thrilled to be a member of such a unique company, giving an authentic voice and reach to the exceptional talent the Black community has to offer," said CFO and CBO Wasif Khan. "Accepting this position is more than directing the finance and business operations of Blavity. It is an honor knowing I get to be a part of an organization that helps our diverse millennials blossom into the next generation of leaders benefitting from the opportunities we can provide."


Blavity Inc. is a technology and news media company founded in 2014 around a simple idea: enable Black millennials to tell their own stories. Today, Blavity is home to the largest network of platforms and lifestyle brands serving Black millennials & Gen Z through original content, video, and unique experiences. The company has grown into a market leader for Black media, reaching over 250 million millennials per month through its growing brand portfolio, including Blavity News, 21Ninety, AfroTech, Travel Noire, Shadow & Act, Blavity Culture Ad Network, and Blavity TV.

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Tiger Woods Lifestyle 2022

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Market Coverage – Tuesday July 26 Yahoo Finance

Market Coverage – Tuesday July 26 Yahoo FinanceMarket Coverage – Tuesday July 26 Yahoo Finance #bonds #bitcoin #Biden #Stockmarket #coronavirus #memestocks #Fed #YahooFinance #investing #stockmarket

When Will the Fed Pivot?

When Will the Fed Pivot?The Reserve Bank of Australia surprised investors Tuesday with a smaller-than-expected interest-rate increase, helping fuel a global rally in stocks

Credello: These Are the Best States for Veterans

Credello: These Are the Best States for VeteransNEW YORK - November 1, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Veterans have dedicated part of their lives toward serving America through military service. Some spend many years in the military and make it their career. When they're no longer actively serving, former military members have a series of decisions to make that should allow them to live as comfortably as possible.

For example, some might look into debt consolidation for veterans if that's what's best for their finances. Others may want to find a part of the country where they can stretch their military pension as far as it can go.

In this article, we'll talk about some of the states that provide the best benefits for veterans. Any former military personnel would be well to consider these options.

1. Alaska

Because of the cold winters, Alaska is not a state where everyone will want to put down roots. However, there are some key veteran benefits it offers that are hard to beat.

For instance, vets with a 50% disability rating or higher qualify for a property tax exemption. Up to the first $150,000 of their primary residence's assessed value is exempt from property taxes. That exemption gets transferred to a surviving spouse if the veteran dies due to a service-related condition.

Alaska veterans and their spouses can qualify for many educational benefits if they attend a state school. The state is also one of nine with no income tax. That should appeal to any vet who gets into another profession after they've concluded their service.   

2. Florida

Florida is another top choice for veterans. It's one of seventeen states that offer a full property tax exemption if you're a vet with a 100% P&T rating from the VA. If you have a VA rating of 10% or more, you can still get a $5,000 tax exemption.

Like Alaska, Florida is a state with no income tax, which vets who have taken on a second career will enjoy. The state gives all vets with a 100% Permanent and Total rating from the VA a free five-year all-purpose fishing and hunting license. Finally, you can get a free driver's license from the state if you have a 100% P&T rating, along with a free set of special plates proclaiming your veteran status.

3. Texas

Texas is another strong option for vets. If you have a VA rating between 10% and 90%, you get some generous property tax reductions. It's another state with no income tax. You can also take advantage of the Hazelwood Act. It allows vets, their spouses, and dependent children to get up to 150 hours of college classes, tuition-free, at state schools.

Perhaps what really sets Texas apart as a top choice for veterans, though, is that the state exempts VA disability payments and military retirement pay from any taxation. That can make a difference of thousands of dollars for some vets.

Which One of These States Will You Choose?

Veterans who have concluded their military service would do well to live in Florida, Texas, or Alaska. Florida has property tax exemptions for vets and no income tax. The free driver's license and special plates for your vehicle are nice perks, and the free five-year fishing and hunting license for vets with a 100% P&T rating is icing on the cake.

Texas is a great choice because of the property tax reductions and the Hazelwood Act that grants educational benefits to vets, their spouses, and their children. There's no income tax, and the state exempting military retirement pay and VA disability payments from taxation is certainly welcome.

Alaska allows a property tax exemption for some veterans, and you can also get educational benefits if you'd like to attend a state school. There's also no income tax if you feel inclined to pursue a career after your time in the service.

Any of these states will do well for veterans. You just have to choose which one best fits your lifestyle.  

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Credello: The Feds Say Unemployment Will Rise Soon. Who Will Lose Their Jobs First?

Credello: The Feds Say Unemployment Will Rise Soon. Who Will Lose Their Jobs First?NEW YORK - November 1, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

The Fed is the Federal Reserve System. It's the central banking system the U.S. implemented in 1913. It exists to provide some degree of centralized control over the American economy.

The Fed can't completely control every aspect of the economy, but certain moves that it makes can help regulate and sometimes prevent significant economic changes. Right now, the Fed is predicting that unemployment is going to rise in the near future.

You might not be thrilled to hear that. However, before you look into debt consolidation while unemployed, take some time to read about which professions are liable to start shedding jobs and which ones should remain relatively stable.

Why is Unemployment Going to Rise Soon?

Part of what the Fed does is combat inflation. Inflation means that the average cost of goods and services is rising. That has been happening at an accelerated rate in recent months due to several domestic and international factors.

The Fed can fight inflation by instituting a rate increase that impacts anyone who wants to borrow money from banks and other traditional lending entities. In theory, that means individuals will be more reluctant to borrow and spend money, and the economy will slow. In time, this forces entities that sell products and services to reduce their prices.

Unfortunately, this action also means some companies will not have as much demand for labor. When that happens, layoffs inevitably follow. That's why, when the Fed says it's going to hike interest rates for borrowers, you will also nearly always see the unemployment rate rise.

What Industries Will Shed Jobs the Fastest?

There's no reason for panic, though, since not all industries will shed jobs at the same rate. Certain recession-proof or nearly recession-proof niches will probably not shed any jobs at all.  

Right now, the unemployment rate is about 3.7%. When you look at the nation's history, that's pretty good. The Fed feels that once it sets its rate hikes in motion, the number of unemployed individuals should swell to about 4.4% at this time next year.

That's not ideal, but it's still nowhere near the unemployment rates accompanying major recessions or economic downturns. Historically, those who lose their jobs the most when these downturns occur are less-educated workers. That is because their jobs are seen as more expendable than better-paying ones.

When you think about those most likely to lose their jobs in the coming year, you can probably include food service industry workers and construction workers. Undocumented workers are less likely to find steady work since some employers are already paying them off the books. 

You might also see stores getting rid of cashiers, stockers, dishwashers, or any other positions they feel aren't as essential to the company's continued success. During economic downturns, when companies feel the need to make sacrifices to protect their bottom line, they'll often scale back the number of workers on staff and give those who remain more responsibilities.

What Will This Mean for You?

What higher unemployment numbers mean for you will depend largely on what kind of job you have. The Fed adjusting rates typically has a ripple effect on the economy. 

Even if you're not going to lose your job, you might see companies tighten the purse strings however they can. That might mean your boss won't give you the raise that you expected or an increase in your paid vacation days.

Undocumented workers, stockers, clerks, cashiers, construction workers, and similar jobs may dwindle in the coming year. If you work at any of these jobs, you may need to consider a backup plan if your company elects to cut your hours or eliminate your position. If you work in a field like education, healthcare, or transportation, you're probably safe. 

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