800.com Incorporates Geo-Routing Into Call Forwarding, Connecting Customers With Businesses Faster

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The new geo-routing feature allows users with toll-free numbers to route calls based on incoming area codes.


A Screenshot showing the Geo-Routing feature.

800.com, a leading business phone and call tracking solution, has upgraded its services with a new geo-routing feature that will add more configuration capabilities to call forwarding. This development enhances the caller experience by improving the functionality and fluidity of business phone systems.

The company's pre-existing call forwarding systems are built on a foundation of insightful features, such as weighted routing to distribute calls to the most available and accurate team, scheduled routing to maximize availability by forwarding calls based on the time of the day, and more. 

Some notable benefits of geo-routing are reduced hold times and fewer dropped calls. Businesses can see improved conversion rates and reach a more diverse global customer base, as well. For franchises and multi-location businesses, geo-routing is greatly advantageous as a call management solution. Users with business numbers can also customize call routes for individual business locations easily.

About 800.com LLC

800.com is an industry leader in virtual phone systems for businesses. They offer toll-free and vanity numbers, SMS marketing, call analytics, and a suite of business tools to help you get the most out of your number. 

Contact Information:
Dan Annetts
Director of Outreach

Original Source: 800.com Incorporates Geo-Routing Into Call Forwarding, Connecting Customers With Businesses Faster

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