BCI and Mindtickle to Improve Sales Performance

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Baker Communications, Inc.

Joint Solution From BCI and Mindtickle Transforms the Way CROs Measure and Improve Selling Skills, Increase Sales Productivity, and Decrease Turnover

Having this elite partnership deliver on the long-awaited promise of continuous, personalized training is a major step toward helping all of us achieve our goal of continuous global sales readiness.”

— Uttam Reddy, VP of Global Enablement, Rackspace Technology

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, June 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Baker Communications, Inc. (BCI) the leader in transforming sales teams into world-class organizations, today announced a partnership with Mindtickle, the leader in sales readiness technology. With this partnership, BCI and Mindtickle are jointly making available a sales excellence solution designed to transform the way businesses build the selling skills of every customer-facing employee in their organizations. The solution provides sales and enablement leaders with a single integrated approach to continuously improve over 20 core selling and sales management skills.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with both BCI and Mindtickle for many years,” said Uttam Reddy, the VP of Global Sales Enablement & Commercial Operations at Rackspace Technology. “Having them come together to give us the tools we need to deliver on the promise of continuous, personalized training and coaching will be a major step forward, not only for us but for the entire industry. We knew that the technology and the right content have been available for quite some time now, so seeing this elite partnership come together to deliver on that long-awaited promise is a major step towards helping all of us achieve our goal of continuous global sales-readiness.”

Low quota attainment and high turnover are two core challenges facing sales leadership and enablement organizations today. The number of reps making quota has been estimated at 47%. The average sales turnover rates across the board are 34.7%. The companies’ joint solution addresses both by utilizing the Sales Excellence Series training program and the Mindtickle platform to develop and maintain seller and sales manager skills. The new platform leverages BCI’s SalesDiagnostic® and a Sales Effectiveness and Analysis process to identify the strengths and weaknesses of every member of the sales team. Then with the help of a powerful dashboard, training and coaching are mapped to personalized learning paths and coaching to eliminate those skill gaps and dramatically reduce the time to proficiency. The platform then delivers personalized learning to every member of the sales team, anytime and anywhere.

“The results we were seeing even before the automation became a reality were pretty dramatic,” said Joe DiDonato, Chief of Staff for BCI. “The data we’re seeing from our OMG partner showed a 62% drop in the average sales turnover rate and an 88% increase in the number of sellers attaining quota.”

DiDonato went on to say that the increase in revenue associated with those numbers is going to be significant for companies. “We’re all in a contest where there is no second place money. And now, with the ability of the Mindtickle platform to get to even more individuals around the world, we see those numbers improving even further,” Mr. DiDonato added.

According to Gopkiran Rao, Chief Strategy Officer for Mindtickle, “A one-size-fits-all approach to sales training fails to cater to the unique needs of individual sellers while putting huge pressure on enablement and readiness professionals to develop, deliver, and monitor content focused on critical selling skills and capability. As a result, sellers become disengaged and individual skills gaps are neither identified, baselined, nor addressed. Our partnership with BCI changes this with a unique solution that provides every CRO, seller, and manager with a map to measurable productivity. This fuels peak sales performance, increases job satisfaction, and reduces churn.”

BCI and Mindtickle’s joint offering is available today. For more information, please contact Baker Communications at 877-253-8506. To join both companies on their roadshow, please go to this link to register: https://roadtoreadiness.mindtickle.com./p/1.

About Baker Communications, Inc.

Baker Communications uses data science to help its customers build world-class sales teams. Just like a doctor uses diagnostic tools to identify illnesses, BCI use sales-specific diagnostic tools to identify sales team members’ strengths and weaknesses. Baker Communications then provides individualized training and coaching solutions for each team member.

As one of America’s most established sales transformation companies, Baker Communications has helped over 1.5 million professionals reach maximum performance since 1979. Globally recognized companies and government agencies, including Amazon, SAP, and Ingersoll Rand depend on BCI to equip their employees with skills to increase market share and produce immediate results. BCI uses a data-driven sales enablement methodology to create and deliver individualized training and coaching solutions that produce measurable results, as well as significantly reduce the time to competency for sales teams. Baker Communications’ solutions have been utilized and delivered worldwide, throughout Europe, South America, North America, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific.

BCI offers a full range of options for learners. These options include our proprietary and custom virtual workshops, as well as a full line of technology that provides advanced insights into each seller, a Sales Mastery online video library, voice and ambient computing learning technologies, and other new learning reinforcement applications under development. Visit http://www.BCICorp.com.

About Mindtickle

Mindtickle is the market-leading sales readiness platform, helping revenue leaders at world-class companies like Johnson & Johnson, Splunk, and Wipro be ready to define excellence, build knowledge, align content, analyze performance and optimize behavior throughout their sales organizations. Mindtickle is recognized as a market leader by top industry analysts and is ranked by G2 as both the #2 enterprise software product and #5 sales product. Visit www.mindtickle.com or find us on LinkedIn to learn more.

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