Investors Roudtable Dubai

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Investors Roudtable Dubai

Marking the finale of the Investors Roundtable Dubai

Official Signing of LOI at the Investors Roundtable Dubai: (L-R) Irina J. Conrad-Vedzizhev, Dr. Abdul Hadi Jalali, H.E. Ahmed Sayer Daudzai, Esther De Pommery Comtesse De Lambre, Lambrey Marquise De Pommery, Dr. Claude Béglé, and Dr. Raphael Nagel

Awardees at the Investors Roundtable Dubai, (L-R) Prof. Morteza Honari (Phd, Edin), The Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP, Dr. Tillman Lauk LL.M., Myro–Represented by Raul Silva, Leah Malla Rackovsky, Eliane Khoury, Srikar Reddy, Dr Raphael Nagel, Dr Andrea Claudio G

Powerful gatherings of real Business People and real Investments at the Investors Roundtable Dubai

Finally, the time is right to grow together what belongs together”

— Dr. Raphael Nagel

PALM JUMEIRAH, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, July 1, 2022 / — The Abrahamic Business Circle’s Investors Roundtable Dubai was successfully held on June 29, 2022 at the Fairmont The Palm, right in the heart of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Over 200 participants from several countries and different sectors had a chance to get an overview of the investment opportunities, new technologies, the developing partnership consortium, and as well as get insights from guest speakers, keynote speakers, inventors, innovators and company owners.

The Investors Roundtable Dubai was hosted by The Abrahamic Business Circle and the conference started with the welcome and introduction by its Chairman and Founder, DR. RAPHAEL NAGEL ahead of the following guest speakers H.E. AHMED SAYER DAUDZAI, Charge D’ Affairs Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Abu Dhabi; ESTHER DE POMMERY COMTESSE DE LAMBRE, LAMBREY MARQUISE DE POMMERY, Founder of Pommery Foundation, “A Voice for the Voiceless”; DR. CLAUDE BÉGLÉ, former Member Swiss Parliament; and PROF. MORTEZA HONARI (PhD, EDIN), Director- Dr. Honari Education Institute, Human Ecologist and Academic; and THE RT HON DR LIAM FOX MP, Chair – UK Abraham Accords Group, Frm Secretary of State for Defence, Frm Secretary of State for International Trade, Frm Minister of Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

The conference highlighted several companies starting with the “BioChar, The New Black Gold”, presented by PROF. PINCHAS MANDELL, the Chairman & Chief Scientist at BioChar Israel, Ltd, a company sponsored by the Family of Israel Foundation. DR. DALIA EL-ANI, Founder & CEO at Crispr Stem & Therapeutics Ltd (CST) presented the “Cell Therapy for Heart Attack”. Meanwhile, a breakthrough for construction industry, “How technology will change Construction” was presented by RAUL SILVA, the Managing Director & CEO at Mojay Global Holding.

The conference continued with the beautiful rendition of HILLEL BLOCH, a Strategic consultant at TASC Consulting & Capital and also a former Concertmaster of the Arab-Jewish Orchestra whom serenaded the crowd with his special versions of “Schön Rosmarin – Fritz Kreisler” and “Theme from Hercai – Ender Gündüzlü”. The special performance was followed by the official signing of the Letter of Intent for the Hospital project in Afghanistan between The Abrahamic Business Circle, the EurAsia Heart Foundation, the MBC Construction, and the MgtWell Consulting Services.

More keynote presentations were highlighted, “A digital bank to improve financial inclusion and cross border payments in Africa and the Middle East“ was presented by LEAH MALLA RACKOVSKY, the Founder at Azamra Capital LLC with her co-presenter VERONICA ANDRINO, the Founder & President at Unifinity Ph; “Meranti Funds: Regenerative Inclusive All-Chain Financing” was presented by PRINCESS VIRAY, the Principal at Waywaya Management & Consulting LLC and Meranti Holdings, Inc.; from QaylTech for AT Innovations with MetaGait, MARINA MALKHASYAN presented the “MetaGait”, The Next Stage Rehabilitation; while the “Clean Air Everywhere” was presented by ELIANE KHOURY, Founder & CEO at VFA Solutions B.V.; and DR.rer.nat. ANDREAS GEORG JORDAN, Executive Vice President & Managing Director Europe, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at MagForce AG did a pivotal presentation in healthcare about “Nanomedicine against Brain Tumors”.

A crucial input on trending issues in the market in several industries were given by the group of panelists in the discussions of: “Healthcare, a fertile ground for Investors” which was led by its moderator CARL M SHERER, Partner at Rimon PC and an International Corporate and Securities Attorney with his panelists, SINNTHYA MACEK, Founder at Sustainable Solutions LLC and MARINA MALKHASYAN of QaylTech for AT Innovations with MetaGait; “Fintech Revolution: Banking the Unbanked” also led by its moderator DAVID GIBSON-MOORE, President & CEO at Gulf Analytica, with his panelists PAUL FRIEDMAN, Founding Partner at Cobalt Strategic Investment Consulting, GORDON EINSTEIN, Founding Partner at Cryptolaw Partner, and SAQIB IQBAL, Founding Partner at SA Consultants LLC and Regional Director IFA-UK; “How emerging technologies impact the future of business” led by its moderator DR. ANDREA CLAUDIO GALLUZZO di CAPRAMOZZA, Co-Founder at The Abrahamic Business Circle and CEO at Hercules Holding with panelists VALERIE LEISER GREENFELD, Business Development Consultant of American and Israeli Companies, DR. TOMMASSO CONFORTI, CEO at Your Net Solution, MUKUL GUGLE, Founder & CEO at Alaric Design, and RAUL SILVA, Managing Director & CEO at Mojay Global Holding; Real Estate : “an Investment-Haven or another Bubble?” moderated by DAME JOY MALKA ROTHENBERG, ESQ., Global Ambassador at The Abrahamic Business Circle and an International Entrepreneur & Lawyer with her panelists HASSAN AL RAIS, CEO at Your Home Real Estate Dubai and Head-government & Liability Management (one of the UAE’s prominent Banks), and FRANKLIN D. REDD, JR., Founder & Principal at Embassy Capital Group, LLC; and the “Value in Innovation, a leapfrog progress in Education” also led by its moderator DR. CHRISTOPHER ABRAHAM PhD FCIM, CEO & Head Dubai Campus and SR. VP at SP Jain School of Global Management with panelists DR. MARIAM SHAIKH whom played a key role in establishing foreign universities in the UAE and a Founder & CEO at MS Education Consultants, and PROF. ADIL MATIN, President WeTel TV, Nest Media Academy UAE and Chairman of Industry & Academic Board – Britts Imperial University College.

The conference came to an end with the recognition of excellence for the following exemplary individuals or companies: “2022 BEST PRODUCT IN CONSTRUCTION INNOVATION” awarded to MYRO – The world’s first mobile intelligent paint robot; while the “INSPIRATIONAL PERSON IN DIGITAL FINANCE TRANSFORMATION OF AFRICA, 2022” awarded to LEAH MALLA RACKOVSKY; LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, 2022” was given to PROF. MORTEZA HONARI (PhD, EDIN); ELIANE KHOURY awarded the “SUSTAINABLE CLEAN AIR EXCELLENCE AWARD, 2022“; and the “OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO ECONOMIC DIPLOMACY, 2022” was honored to THE RT HON DR LIAM FOX MP.

Undoubtedly the event has hit a sweet spot and appetite to continue the program is high. Developing and working long-term relationships with members are imperative and a vital part of the organization. DR. TILLMANN LAUK, LL.M., the co-Founder at The Abrahamic Business Circle closes the program with the announcement of the next conference, INVESTORS ROUNDTABLE ZURICH which will be held at Zurich, Switzerland on the 9th of September, 2022.

To find more information about the INVESTORS ROUNDTABLE ZURICH and get access to the rich content of the platform, please visit

Dr. Raphael Nagel is the founder and chairman of The Abrahamic Business Circle and his vision is to bridge opportunities by promoting steadfastly Economic Diplomacy through investments. Dr. Raphael Nagel is a renowned Private Equity investor and Venture Capitalist.


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