Open Road BMW of Morristown Celebrates 40 Years!

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Open Road BMW of Morristown Employee Appreciation Day

Mr. W. Rodman Ryan Getting Presented A Recognition For 40 Successful Years

President Michael Morais & Vice President Andrew Paul

Celebrating 40 Successful Years With Their Dedicated Employees!

As shown through an extraordinary 40 years, BMW of Morristown’s sense of community couldn’t be more significant.”

— Kevin Montes

MORRISTOWN, NJ, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2023 / — On October 13, 2023, Open Road BMW of Morristown celebrated 40 years of service to the community. Throughout their tenure at their current location at 111 Ridgedale Avenue, Morristown, New Jersey, they delivered BMWs to varying clientele, who depart with huge smiles as they venture towards the road ahead.

It’s been their utmost priority to check that their needs get met as the car market can be unstable for the unsuspecting buyer, making our transparency something they pride themselves in. Sometimes, it’s the little things, and other times, it’s valuing competitive pricing as BMW of Morristown aims to keep the smiles going as they have been for 40 years. They hope to continue doing so as the holiday seasons approach, and they open up their stores for specific programs like Toys For Tots and gatherings to unveil new upcoming models, giving attendees a sense of connectivity by offering premium insights towards new BMWs on the way. As shown through an extraordinary 40 years, BMW of Morristown’s sense of community couldn’t be more significant.

During Open Road BMW of Morristown’s 40th Anniversary, they aimed to continuously reflect on how they treat their clients by expressing that same love to their employees who have helped retain that reputation that puts them above the rest. From the sizzling, crisp crust from the slices of pizza from Columbia Inn Restaurant – which has an 8.7 on Dave Portnoy’s pizza app One Bite – to the tantalizingly simmering Chinese food from Mr. Fu’s Yummy Food Truck and varying other goodies like the mouth-watering sliders and vanilla and chocolate mixed cake that reflects the joyously warm carousel blue color on the icing, and ice cream. It was a moment for the ages as employees, the area’s BMW Regional Executive Leadership, Open Road BMW of Morristown’s founder W. Rodman Ryan, President Michael Morais, and Vice President Andrew Paul all convened to represent their communal family and how these instances of appreciation that makes them closer than ever, and more so as it slowly becomes an ongoing tradition to show their employees they care.

In addition to this fantastic event, Open Road BMW of Morristown was awarded a commemorative token as a lavish trophy representing their 40 years in business. It was a touchstone that felt like the cornucopia to an already sumptuous meal and reunion that will see itself poke its head around again when Open Road brings that sense of unity during the eventual holiday festivities. Like the appreciation they give to their employees, it’s similar to assistance in community programs and with their clientele – they get full transparency so they can walk out with a new BMW they can call their own without the hassles of purchasing. Through the ups and downs, Open Road BMW of Morristown continues to stride, making a stamp with each vehicle sold and each smile reflecting as they sense their client feel the joy and thrill of owning their first BMW.

As a group, there is pride shown with Open Road BMW of Morristown’s work, night and day, as they look more toward hearing satisfaction than the engine revving, as establishing a relationship is poignant in making people feel like the element of family rings true when they say the words “Welcome to the BMW Family.” As Open Road BMW of Morristown looks back at 40 Years, they reminisce about the memories had – whether it’s a memorable sale, where the connection between buyer and sales representative, or it’s the next generation, where parents are looking to continue to keep the meaning family more significant in this regard, BMW of Morristown is all about the lasting impact. It isn’t about making another sale; it’s about the smiles and memories that come with it because the future is always a mystery, and who knows, maybe the following lineage of BMW drivers is ready to step in through those doors at any moment.

Kevin Montes
Open Road Auto Group
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