SKYPRO Unveils First Voluntary ESG Report in the Uniform Sector

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Soon companies will have to assess the environmental impact of their entire value chain, including Uniforms. Is your supplier ready for new EU guidelines?

We are one of the few SMEs and the only Uniform Provider to release an ESG Report according to the new EU guidelines, positioning SKYPRO as a leader in the sector in Europe.”

— Jorge Pinto, SKYPRO’s CEO

LISBON, LISBON, PORTUGAL, July 5, 2024 / — In a move signaling a potential shift within the Uniform Industry, SKYPRO has launched the first Voluntary SME ESG Report. Crafted following the European Sustainability Reporting Standard (ESRS), SKYPRO’s ESG Report sets a new standard with double materiality and report type C.

While many companies await the official EU Commission guidelines on SME ESG Reporting expected later this year, SKYPRO has taken a proactive stance by establishing a new benchmark for sustainability reporting within the Uniform Industry.

What is an ESG Report and Why Does It Matter?

An ESG report provides a window into a company’s approach to three key areas: environment, social responsibility, and corporate governance, typically including both qualitative and quantitative information to give a well-rounded picture of the company’s performance. This transparency is increasingly important for several reasons:

• Consumer Decisions: Consumers are more interested in aligning their purchases with companies that share their values. ESG reports can help them make informed choices.

• Investor Screening: Investors are using ESG factors alongside traditional financial metrics to evaluate potential investments. Workiva, a reporting consulting company, reports that aligning investment decisions with moral values is a growing trend, with over 50% of adults prioritizing this factor. A strong ESG report can be a positive indicator for them.

The SKYPRO ESG Report goes beyond simply meeting the anticipated minimum requirements demanded by the EU Comission. The report reflects the company’s commitment to exceeding expectations by delivering the most comprehensive version required by EU about environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance.

Details regarding the SKYPRO ESG Report, including a downloadable version, are currently available in this link.

EU Commission’s regulatory shift set to shake up the Uniform Industry

The Uniform Industry is expected to undergo significant changes as large companies grapple with upcoming regulations requiring them to account for the environmental impact of their entire value chain. This will likely push Uniform Suppliers to adapt their practices to meet these new sustainability standards.

With the launch of its ESG report and its focus on circularity, SKYPRO is positioning itself as a leader in sustainable Uniform services. The company is urging other suppliers to consider their own sustainability practices in order to prepare for the forthcoming regulatory landscape.

Circular Services for Uniforms Can Reduce Carbon Foorprint

SKYPRO’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond the realm of reporting. The company offers a comprehensive suite of Circular Services for Uniforms, including Repair, Reuse, and Recycle Programs.

According to SKYPRO, their Uniform Reuse Program allows companies to reduce uniform costs by up to 60% per garment while minimizing environmental impact. Clients can expect to receive a report that details the positive environmental impact of their uniform choices, including information on how much reusing uniforms contributes to reducing environmental footprint.

If your company wishes to participate in a pilot test of Uniform Reuse, contact for further details.


SKYPRO is a global Uniform Industry leader, recognized for its premium travel footwear by Forbes and its inclusion in the Financial Times’ “FT 1000 Europe fastest growing companies”. Its prestigious clientele encompasses major players like Emirates, NetJets, Norse, Flair, Royal Air Maroc, Crown Airlines, TAP, Qatar Airways Airlines, Mystic Cruises and Swedish Police, among others.

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SKYPRO Unveils First Voluntary ESG Report in the Uniform Sector

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