The secret sauce to success is “Being the Laziest Person in the Office” according to Australian author

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Being the Laziest Person in the Office

Peter Ryan

“Being the Laziest Person in the Office” is not actually about being lazy, but about being efficient, productive & successful.

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

— Bill Gates

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, December 1, 2023 / — After a 35 year career focused on educating people to be their most productive at work, Sydney man Peter Ryan, has released a modern workplace survival handbook. The project began partly due to Peter’s frustrations around the “busy being busy” work cultures, and partly as a tongue-in-cheek dig at the manner in which many organisations assess the performance of their staff.

“Being the Laziest Person in the Office” is about smashing the stereotypes of what “productive” looks like, and draws the line between those “hard workers” and those who are cleverly productive. It is a very short, pragmatic guide to readjusting how we prioritise our time, focus and energy.

Counter-intuitively, the engaged “lazy” worker will be the one demonstrating the greatest speed, efficiency and innovation, due to their deliberate work style.

Peter says; “As we readjust to the post-COVID work realities, personal resilience is proving paramount. We are seeing a disturbing increase in work fatigue and burnout. Being lazy is about working smart, maintaining balance, and getting things done that will surprise others”.

The eBook is available for purchase through sendowl for US$4.99.

Latest feedback about the book:

“All the things you realise you shouldn’t be doing, after doing them for the last 20 years. Embrace the lazy!” Paul W, Entrepreneur and Global Strategy Officer

“Peter has called out the b*shit we’ve all seen with the workplace with people trying to be heroes then proposes practical tips to manage time and avoid being one of ‘them’. Quick and easy read, thanks Pete for putting pen to paper.” Heather D, Learning & Development Professional

“A well thought out and refreshing spin on a professional’s guide to the ‘busy-ness’ work culture. It’s well worth parking up, sitting down, and putting your ego aside, if just for a moment.” Ben J, Industry and Safety Solutions Expert

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