The stop harassment project aims to provide a platform for information sharing and consultation functions

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An image of not being able to talk to someone about harassment.

Peace of mind concierge supports people who are worried.

TOYAMA CITY, TOYAMA PREF., JAPAN, December 2, 2023 / — The Industrial Health Consulting Institute (Representative: Yuko Fujimura), which aims to promote human capital management and health management and support business establishments, has launched a challenge project regarding harassment to solve social issues. This project started collecting support funds on the crowdfunding site CAMPFIRE from Wednesday, November 15, 2023. Based on the funds raised, AI will be used to create a website where people who are suffering from harassment can consult at any time. It will be supervised by Yuko Fujimura (PhD: Medicine), an expert in industrial hygiene, and will improve AI processing.

■Providing AI-based consultation functions and consultation, education, counseling, etc. by experts

The goal of this project is to accomplish the following four missions.

Mission 1: Fill out the questionnaire on the site to learn about harassment and labor issues, understand the situation, and create a database.

Mission 2: Make the collected cases searchable, view them on the member site, and share information with experienced people.

Mission 3: Experience education, counseling, and coaching to develop non-cognitive skills that are essential for acquiring ways of thinking and acting to avoid harassment, and ways of thinking and acting that put the brakes on when harassment is likely to occur. Opportunities to learn non-cognitive skills are also provided.

(Non-cognitive abilities include various elements such as self-esteem, resilience, grit, self-awareness, self-understanding, and metacognition.)

Mission 4: AI chat function is utilized to vent people’s daily worries, troubles, anxieties, complaints, etc., and help heal and recover your mind. If the problem is serious, experts will consult and respond via chat or email.

The site created in this project provides two types of services: one for free members and one for paid members. From the free membership site, we can fill out questionnaires to survey the situation and share information in the database. The database can be shared not only with those who are suffering, but also with people in charge of harassment at companies, and can be used to help prevent harassment.

On the paid membership site, people can use the AI chat function to feel free to consult with us about harassment, labor issues, daily worries, anxieties, problems, complaints, etc. Many people who are worried about harassment find it extremely difficult to talk to someone about it. Even if there were a situation where AI could respond to consultations 24 hurs a day, rather than in person, the initial hurdle would be significantly lowered. If the issue cannot be resolved using AI chat, people can consult with an expert via chat or email, and use this as an opportunity to experience a variety of counseling, education, and coaching.

In order to carry out four missions in this project, a wide range of support and supporters will be solicited through crowdfunding in order to raise funds for system development costs, etc. The funds collected will be used to develop and produce services and apps that improve non-cognitive abilities using AI functions. Additional communication improvement apps and human skills improvement apps using AI functions are also planned to improve the quality of services.

■Project overview

Project URL:

Target amount: 5,000,000 yen
Application date: November 15, 2023 (Wednesday) – December 20, 2023 (Wednesday)
Returns: Paid membership services, various education/counseling/coaching programs, training programs for companies, organizations, and local governments, web advertisements, project lectures, etc.

November 15, 2023 Project announcement and crowdfunding start
December 20, 2023 Crowdfunding ends
March 1, 2024 Pre-operation start
April 1, 2024 System operation starts, free membership/paid membership service starts, return service starts

[About Industrial Health Consulting Institute]
Head office: 939-8084
Representative: Yuko Fujimura
Established: July 2023
Phone number: 090-2371-7235
Business details:
Consulting regarding human capital management and health management
Corporate training on health, mental health, and harassment, and human resource development training on non-cognitive ability improvement, etc.

Yuko Fujimura
Industrial Health Consulting Institute
+81 90-2371-7235
email us here
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