Unlocking the New Power Shaping Business Success in 2024

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Collectiv – Power BI Analytics Firm – Unveils the Unseen Force Reshaping Business Dynamics in 2024

The Crucial Role of Trust in Today’s Evolving Workplace

The call is clear: recognize trust’s transformative potential for employee loyalty and overall business prosperity.”

— Darren Goonawardana, Principal of Collectiv

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, February 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Just as organizations believed the Great Resignation was in the rear-view mirror, a pivotal factor has taken center stage in determining business prosperity – the decision to trust or mistrust employees. According to a 2023 Gallup survey, a staggering 50% of the US workforce is disengaged, emphasizing that culture and trust are now pivotal to success in 2024 and beyond.

At the forefront of this paradigm shift is Darren Goonawardana, Principal of Collectiv, a swiftly rising Power BI Analytics, Data Architecture, and AI consulting firm. In the era of the ‘Quiet Quit,’ Collectiv advocates that trust is the remedy, presenting employers as the solution to curb this trend. This guiding philosophy is the driving force behind Collectiv’s flourishing success.

“From the very beginning, we made a conscious choice to trust our people and create a virtual environment, a decision made even before the challenges of the pandemic,” says Goonawardana. “Collectiv is thriving because we’ve chosen to trust our team and invest in a vibrant workplace culture.”

Backing the urgency for a trust-centric approach, recent statistics reveal that 18% of employees are actively disengaged. In a landscape where large organizations, armed with substantial resources, often choose mistrust, Goonawardana warns of the repercussions, “Countless organizations hinder their performance by not trusting their people. It’s a strategic error that impacts not only employee morale but the overall success of the business.” 

In sharp contrast, Collectiv embodies culture in their daily operations. “Frequent getaways keep our remote team engaged, creating meaningful connections and comfort. It’s not just culture on a PowerPoint; it’s about practicing and embracing it,” adds Goonawardana.

He invites other organizations to harness the transformative power of trust and the immense value of a healthy workplace culture. Goonawardana asserts, “The call is clear: recognize trust’s transformative potential for employee loyalty and overall business prosperity.”


About Collectiv
Collectiv is your go-to partner for exploring Azure, Fabric, Power BI, CoPilot, and the entire Microsoft Data Stack. We empower business decisions with Power BI analytics, data architecture, and AI implementation. At Collectiv, we go beyond consulting, aligning as strategic partners on our clients’ business intelligence and data maturity journeys. Recognized as the top-rated Power BI and Azure Consulting and Strategy Firm on G2, we pride ourselves on our business acumen, real-world experience, and deep technical expertise. Our team delivers expert-level guidance on Microsoft Azure data stack optimization and AI implementation, with an experienced specialization in planning and forecasting. We believe in actualizing ambitious business goals and equipping organizations with the tools and strategies they need for success. Learn more: https://gocollectiv.com/

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