Wax Wax Opens Miami HQ

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Wax Wax

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MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, July 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Wax Wax, an established Italian esthetic company and one of Europe’s largest brands, is excited to announce the opening of their new Miami headquarters. This strategic expansion solidifies Wax Wax’s presence in the United States, offering nationwide access to their range of bulk hard wax and premium quality wax warmers.

With a stellar reputation in Europe, Wax Wax brings their expertise and commitment to excellence to the American market.

The decision to establish their headquarters in Miami enables them to better serve estheticians throughout the nation, tapping into the city’s thriving beauty industry.

Wax Wax’s bulk hard wax collection caters to estheticians of all preferences and client needs. Their superior formulations provide exceptional performance, ensuring flawless results with minimal discomfort. The new headquarters in Miami enables efficient distribution of their premium products, empowering estheticians to elevate their waxing services.

In addition, Wax Wax introduces their premium quality wax warmers to the US market. These advanced warmers offer precise temperature control, maintaining optimal wax consistency and providing a comfortable experience for clients.

Built to last, these wax warmers combine durability, efficiency, and user-friendly features, becoming an indispensable tool for estheticians.

“We are thrilled to expand our operations with the opening of our new Miami headquarters,” said Michelle Lanza, lead Esthetician of Wax Wax. “As an established Italian company and one of Europe’s leading esthetic brands, we look forward to bringing our top-notch products and unparalleled customer service to estheticians across the United States. Our bulk hard wax and premium wax warmers will empower professionals to deliver exceptional experiences to their clients.”

Wax Wax’s Miami headquarters positions the company as a trusted partner for estheticians seeking high-quality esthetic products. Leveraging their success in Europe, Wax Wax aims to become an industry leader in the United States, providing estheticians with the tools they need to excel in their craft.

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