The Art of Pickleball Launches New Platform

The state-of-the-art pickleball video and coaching platform was created to be the most extensive online resource for America's fastest-growing sport.

The Art of Pickleball Launches New Platform
The Art of Pickleball

The Art of Pickleball logo

Total Sports, LLC, recently announced the launch of The Art of Pickleball (AOP), designed to be the most expansive resource for pickleball players and instructors in the world. 

Created in partnership with top professional players and coaches, The Art of Pickleball provides comprehensive online instruction and virtual coaching for every aspect of the game.

Subscribers can access instructional videos for all levels of play to work on specific shots and skills, learn in-game strategies, develop tactics and view drills from top pros. The platform features extensive information on injury prevention, dynamic warmups and strength and conditioning - all specific to pickleball. 

AOP also offers a complete library of practice plans and match analysis as well as a roster of coaches available for remote, virtual training that can be purchased in one-hour sessions.

The site features both free content and monthly or annual "Pro" memberships that provide access to all resources on the platform. Pro memberships are available for $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually for a limited time.   

Total Sports partnered with top-ranked pros Steve, Jennifer and Callan Dawson to build The Art of Pickleball. The site features experienced pros and coaches from around the country who have won more than 80 Open, National and International championships, multiple Triple Crown Titles and over 10 Tournament of Champions trophies. The coaching team features multiple PPA and APP Tour players who are also IPTPA, PPR and IFP-certified instructors.

AOP's vast roster of coaches allows for instruction from a wide variety of teaching viewpoints and playing philosophies.

"Pickleball is such a diverse sport in terms of age, skill level and style," says renowned coach Steve Dawson. "We set out to create something that wasn't previously available: a resource where people can learn from all types of instructors and experienced professionals. There isn't just one way to learn how to play or teach pickleball."

Mark Tilson, President of Total Sports, says The Art of Pickleball will continue to expand. "We are already working with more coaches around the country that will soon be featured on the site," he says. "New content and resources will continuously be added, and we'll always be looking for innovative ways to connect our audience with the top names in the game."

About Total Sports

Founded in 2011, Total Sports, LLC owns and operates The Art of Coaching properties, including The Art of Pickleball, The Art of Coaching Volleyball, The Art of Coaching Softball and The Art of Coaching Football. The Art of Coaching is the leading provider of online coaching and training resources, with in-person and virtual coaching clinics and workshops in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. The company is the global leader in digital coaching content, supporting nearly 100,000 subscribers worldwide.

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Mark Tilson

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With Tennis Season Approaching, ZetrOZ Systems’ Multi-Hour sam® Sport Treatment Helps Athletes with Elbow Pain and Recovery

Sustained acoustic medicine brings relief to professional and collegiate tennis players by promoting soft tissue healing.

When tennis season begins, many professional and collegiate players will turn to pain medication for relief from lateral epicondylitis, colloquially referred to as tennis elbow. Those with advanced symptoms often believe that surgery is their only option—a misconception that ZetrOZ Systems dispels with the sustained acoustic medicine (sam®) Sport pain relief device, a wearable, drug-free, noninvasive alternative to medication and surgery.

ZetrOZ Systems' sam® technology provides long-duration, low-intensity ultrasound therapy, clinically validated in more than 30 studies and in the successful treatment of more than 500,000 patients. Both patients and healthcare providers report 90%-plus satisfaction rates with sam® treatment for sport-related injuries.

Lateral epicondylitis is a painful condition in the tendon that can develop in response to repetitive motions of the wrist and arm. The pain can extend from the elbow into the forearm and wrist, and the severity can range from mild to debilitating. ZetrOZ Systems' sam® injury healing device not only reduces these levels of pain but accelerates the tendon's natural healing process by minimizing inflammation, increasing circulation, and facilitating the removal of waste products like lactic acid from the site of the musculoskeletal injury.

The sam® Sport pain relief ultrasound device is the only FDA-cleared multi-hour ultrasound treatment that is approved for home use. Despite running on battery power, a sam® device can produce up to 18,000 joules when two crystals are used, in contrast to a traditional wall-socket ultrasound at 2,000 to 4,000 joules. 

"The portability of sam® Sport makes four hours of daily use easy to fit into one's day—the device is simple to apply and use, and flexible enough that it can be worn while multitasking most activities," says Dr. George Lewis, founder and CEO of ZetrOZ. "We are pleased to offer an accessible, pain-free road to recovery for athletes and other patients who are searching for alternative options to surgery and medication."

The ZetrOZ sam® technology was developed with funding grants from several U.S. government agencies and is built on proprietary medical technology of 46 patents. To learn more, visit

About ZetrOZ Systems

ZetrOZ Systems is leading healing innovation in sports medicine, developing wearable bioelectronic devices for the delivery of sustained acoustic medicine (sam®). Researched and funded by the federal government, ZetrOZ is built on proprietary medical technology of +46 patents. The exclusive manufacturer and developer of the sam® product line is designed for the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

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Buse Kayar

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Want to Learn to Skateboard? Twelve Board Store Shares a Guide to Help Beginners Get Started

Skateboarding is a thrilling sport that everybody can enjoy. Here, Twelve Board Store shares a beginner's guide for those interested in experiencing the excitement that comes from skating.

Want to Learn to Skateboard? Twelve Board Store Shares a Guide to Help Beginners Get Started
Twelve Board Store

Twelve Board Store

According to leading retailer Twelve Board Store, which stocks everything from electric skateboards and longboards to limited edition skateboard decks and more, skateboarding is a great sport to learn and just about anyone can pick it up. To give newbies confidence in their skateboarding journey, Twelve Board Store is sharing their top tips on choosing the right skateboard and protective gear and learning the basics. 

Twelve Board Store explains that choosing the right skateboard is essential to help beginners build their skills safely. As a beginner, focusing on the deck, grip and wheels is most important. For those with smaller feet or those who are heavier than average, Twelve Board Store recommends opting for a shorter deck as this will allow them to maneuver more easily. 

Grip tape is a material that is wrapped around the underside of the deck and is essential for beginners as it allows them to grasp the skateboard better while also making it easier to maneuver while remaining stable on the skateboard, explains Twelve Board Store. 

Skateboard wheels can make all the difference as they determine how fast the skater will go, says Twelve Board Store. With wheels available in several sizes and hardness levels, it's important to ensure the wheels are suited to the intended terrain.

Twelve Board Store recommends using protective gear such as a helmet, wrist guard and knee and ankle pads. Falling is common when skateboarding, especially for those just starting out, so it's best to be protected with the proper gear to ensure safety. 

Day one is always going to be a challenge, but Twelve Board Store says the most important thing to do is start with the basics. When learning how to stand on the skateboard, it's a good idea to place the board on a flat ground and practice balancing before moving. 

To get kitted out with the best gear, including limited edition longboard skateboards, enthusiasts can drop into Twelve Board Store in Melbourne or visit the retailer online.

Contact Information:
Twelve Board Store
Marketing Manager
03 9421 2293

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Italia Yachts Announces New Line of Yachts at Miami Press Event

Sales in the U.S. Encompass 28% of Italia Yachts' Global Market, With Significant 2023 & 2024 Growth Projections Expected

Italia Yachts Announces New Line of Yachts at Miami Press Event
IY43 Veloce Underway

The new IY43 Veloce

Italia Yachts announced its new line of yachts at a press event held during the Miami International Boat Show, currently running through Feb. 19. Florida-based David Walters Yachts, the exclusive North American dealer of Italia Yachts, has the IY 43 Veloce available now.

Five years after starting management by the Vitulano family, the shipyard presents the first model of the new line as part of its five-year development plan. The announcement is happening just months before production begins at the new shipyard in Fano, central Italy, which is well-known for its highly skilled workers in the marine industry. The new facility is 45,000 sq ft and is dedicated to complete in-house production, from the resin infusion lamination of the hulls to the finished product ready for the sea. 

"For the development and growth of the brand, it is necessary to have a multi-faceted and technologically advanced structure like the one we have today. We have already started building the IY 43 Veloce, and we are certain that, like all Italia Yachts models, she will be immediately recognizable for her unmistakable lines. I have committed myself to ensure that this yacht responds to our philosophy in its strengths: design, technological vision, sporty lines but always elegant and attentive to the environment," explains Daniele De Tullio, CEO of Italia Yachts. 

The new Italia Yachts 43 Veloce is part of a rather crowded but exciting range. This large segment prompted Italia Yachts to make research a strong point for placing an innovative product on the market.

"We developed the model on a hybrid concept between a pure walkaround and a day cruiser, which is why the interior also has generous space and class-leading headroom. The lines, in general, mimic those of the well-established range of sailboats from Italia Yachts: Its recognition as the IY 43 Veloce is easily recognizable by lines of the hull, with the hull underlined by an unmistakable sheer line, by the long and wide hard top to give greater protection from the elements, from the opening terraces in the cockpit, usually available on larger boats, access to the water or to shore facilitated by the raising and lowering stern platform and two large sunbathing areas, one of which is modular in the cockpit. In the interior, with three different layouts, much importance has been given to the lighting, just as we do for sailing yachts to create an open and welcoming feeling. In contrast, internally and externally, the walkways have been given much attention throughout the boat to ensure that they are always comfortable and safe. Onboard it is important to move easily and safely," Sebastien Nolasco, General Manager of Italia Yachts, explained.

According to Fabio Pignatelli, Sales Manager of Italia Yachts, "Choosing to present the new IY 43 Veloce in Miami is because we think it is one of the most attractive markets for this design. Since the early stages of the project, the dual power plant option was envisaged to be in line with the Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and American markets. The USA currently occupies around 28% of the Italia Yachts market, with significant growth projections in 2023 and 2024; therefore, they deserve special attention and recognition. For our part, we have structured a dedicated sales network, led in the Americas by David Walters Yachts, to ensure our owners have access to the appropriate skillsets in pre- and post-sales."

Erik Haaland, Sales Director of Italia Yachts USA and David Walters Yachts, added, "The launch of the IY 43 Veloce is the result of a collaboration between ourselves in the Americas and the Italia Yachts shipyard, creating a yacht that is truly able to be recognized and used in Europe and the U.S. The hull design, interior layouts, systems engineering, amenities, and the choice of Volvo IPS or Mercury outboard propulsion will cater to many of the needs of U.S. boaters. We are confident of the market response and prepared to serve all major yachting areas through our offices in Fort Lauderdale, Annapolis, Marina del Rey, Naples, Palm Beach, Newport, Portsmouth, and St Maarten in the Caribbean."

The design of the IY 43 Veloce has relied on several industry experts, including naval architectural firm Skyron Studio, which collaborated with the Italia Yachts Design Team, and Arbore & Partners for the interior design.

The official announcement of the launch of the IY 43 was held during a press event near the Miami International Boat Show. Interested parties may inquire for details by contacting

Contact Information:
Emanuela Di Mundo
Italia Yachts Marketing Manager

Erik Haaland
Italia Yachts USA and David Walters Yachts Sales Director
(410) 279-3027
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