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All eternity and or infinity could never erase, I point my eyes towards the sky and then I see God’s face”

— HarrMonika Musik

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2022 / — All The Colors Of Spring is the latest release from the Big Apple based musician HarrMonika Musik. The new collection is presented in all its biological ecological environmental and organic glory. Inspired by the sounds and colors of the Spring Season. COLORS VIDEO

ALL THE COLORS OF SPRING, the song, was actually composed in NYC in 1994 and was the first song HarrMonika recorded on a computer. He also recorded another version on a DAW (digital audio workstation) which was released on a limited basis. The first software HarrMonika used was Turtle Beach (mid 90s) by a company named Voyetra and his journey with technology that had began years earlier (mid 80’s) with Yamaha’s DX7 MIDI keyboard continued. HarrMonika recorded an updated version of ALL THE COLORS OF SPRING in 2016 for this collection. Springtime is the first season of each year and the Colors Of Spring song along with the arrangement is earthy organic and folksy hoping to capture the essence of nature and biology. WATER AND AIR (composed and recorded 2005) is actually a plea to save our planet and speak to the reality of our usage and the negative effects it has on the world. He wanted to get all ‘H20’ and went all out with echoes and digital delay applied to guitars to create an airy-watery environment for the lyrics and vocals. BIRDS EYE VIEW (composed and recorded 2021 is a recent composition. Its a song about perspectives related to romance and having a clear view of persons we are involved with. CLEAR NEAR HERE (composed and recorded 2019) is a song about commitment as in ‘I want someone who is near and when its you its clear.’ Springtime always reminds us of new beginnings and new love. IT’S EASY (composed mid-1980’s, recorded 2015) is a composition with a jazz ballad feel that’s filled with anticipation and a little anxiety (won’t u hang around go on and flirt why be alone cornered by hurt). CORAZON de SEDA/SILK HEART (composed and recorded 2020) influenced by my relationship with a Puerto Rican women, the culture, the food, Familia and of course the music. Featuring plenty of latin percussion, rhythms, keyboards and flutes. WIND EVER (composed and recorded 2007) is a spiritual (whenever I feel that God has all but forgotten me, I call on all the sight and sounds and then God’s love i see). SALT (composed and recorded 2018) is a solo electric piano piece about health and wellness and though salt is a flavorful condiment its also must be used in moderation as we age. FALL (composed early 2000’s recorded 2017) is what we use to call in HarrMonika’s rhythm section days a ‘begging’ song used to charm a lady (it seldom worked).

Back in the day there were albums/vinyl recordings and along with the cover art there were ‘liner notes.’ HarrMonika was especially fond of reading the liner notes from albums where the artist spoke intimately about their works and the recording process. And so one can sort of consider some of the aforementioned notes as HarrMonika’s ‘liner notes.’ These days it seems that most artist release their music as singles and so the way people are experiencing music these days is different than when HarrMonika was coming up. Back in the day albums had themes such as Marvin Gaye’s ‘Whats Going On’ Stevie’s “Songs In The Key Of Life’ or Gil Scott Heron’s ‘Winter In America’ wherein you set aside time to really listen to the messages these ground breaking artist were expressing. Don’t get us wrong as we realize that there are many people that are ‘old school’ with their ‘listening habits and do in fact invest in hi fidelity equipment and listening devices and truly do listen.’ There use to be ‘music appreciation’ where we were taught to truly appreciate music. Having said all this, All The Colors Of Spring has a run time of 44 minutes and HarrMonika would appreciate your setting some time aside to listen. “The art of songwriting/composition is the art of revealing ones self via sound vibration and words.” HarrMonika finds that songwriting/composing allows him to express his deepest feelings and in that respect its rather cathartic and I would highly recommend everyone engage in some type of artistic endeavor as it is good for the body mind and spirit. ALL TRACKS FOR ALL THE COLORS OF SPRING ARE COMPOSED PERFORMED AND FINALIZED BY HARRMONIKA MUSIK !!!

EVENING STARS (late June 2022) our latest project is in the works. It is the first completely instrumental project of HarrMonika Musik’s career.

All of the music presented by HarrMonika since June 2021 is available to stream at no cost at and downloads are available on all the major digital platforms. Also we are developing content for INSTAGRAM so follow us there as well. As always we truly hope you find enjoyment and enlightenment. THANK YOU !!! PEACE LOVE JOY !!! HarrMonika Musik

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