nXlvl launches ‘The Block’, NIL technology connecting student-athletes with fans & brands

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nXlvl: The Revolutionary Platform Empowering Athletes, Fans, and Brands

 nXlvl™ (Next Level) launched a suite of social engagement technology with its fan club, "The Block," on September 2, 2023.

nXlvl is a groundbreaking tech platform at the intersection of college sports and digital innovation built for athletes by athletes. With its comprehensive solution to democratize influence and level the playing field for college athletes, nXlvl is transforming the landscape of NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness).

"There is no better place in the world for nXlvl to launch than The University of Michigan," said nXlvl Director of Business Development, Gabe Newburg. "Through creation of The Block, I approached it from the lens of a fan and former student athlete to build something truly special for all involved. The Block, powered by nXlvl, surrounds the student athlete with all the right tools to capitalize on the ever-changing NIL landscape and gives the fans an experience like no other."

Aimed at diehard fans, student athletes, and brand marketers, nXlvl is set to revolutionize how athletes connect with fans, monetize their talent, and engage with brands while maintaining compliance with NCAA regulations. 

"As a former student athlete myself, I wanted to build the platform I wish I had when I was in school. We're offering fans an immersive sports experience and providing brands with authentic ambassador opportunities," said nXlvl's CEO, Tom Broering. "We're thrilled to provide a groundbreaking platform that empowers athletes, engages fans, and facilitates meaningful brand collaborations within the realm of college sports. nXlvl is poised to reshape the way athletes monetize their NIL on a platform that focuses on safety and privacy, and ensures athletes are abiding by NCAA regulations."

Blake Williams, former NFL Coach, has teamed up with nXlvl as President of Partnerships. Williams sees nXlvl and The Block as an opportunity for students to begin to take control of their current journey, and their future success, stating, "For the next generation of athletes, success isn't just about what happens during the game. It's about creating a lasting foundation for their futures. That's why I've teamed up with nXlvl - to ensure they have every opportunity to shine, connect, and build their own legacy."

Student athletes on the nXlvl app gain unprecedented exposure and control over their personal brand. The platform offers a reimagined social profile that enables athletes to showcase their athletic achievements and connect with other athletes and fans, all while building a strong network to enhance their NIL value. 

Recruiters can take advantage of simplified talent discovery with nXlvl's streamlined tools. By accessing athlete profiles, recruiters gain instant insights into key performance stats, athletic achievements, social media presence, and highlight reels. The platform's NCAA-compliant direct messaging feature facilitates authentic relationships between recruiters and athletes. The app streamlines the communication process, helping recruiters stay connected during every stage of an athlete's journey.

Brands seeking authentic athlete endorsements will find their perfect match on nXlvl. By going beyond bios and headshots, brands can access comprehensive athlete profiles, including school affiliations, statistics, and engaging content galleries. This in-depth understanding helps brands and agents connect with athletes whose values align with their own, forging impactful partnerships and democratizing influence for student athletes.

About nXlvl:

nXlvl is a pioneering platform revolutionizing college sports and NIL opportunities. With a comprehensive suite of features, nXlvl empowers athletes to enhance their personal brands, fans to engage with exclusive content, recruiters to discover talent, brands to connect with athletes, and universities to better manage their networks and ensure NCAA compliance. By bridging the gap between sports and technology, nXlvl is transforming the future of college sports.

For more information and app details, visit https://nxlvl.app/.

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Original Source: nXlvl launches 'The Block', NIL technology connecting student-athletes with fans & brands

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