Federal Court Finds James D. ‘Jay’ Noland, Jr., Operator of ‘Success By Health’ and ‘VOZ Travel,’ in Contempt of Court Order Barring Pyramid Schemes

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A federal court sided with the Federal Trade Commission, ruling that James D. Noland, Jr. illegally owned and operated two pyramid schemes—Success By Health (SBH) and VOZ Travel—in violation of the FTC Act and that Noland violated a previous federal court order barring him from pyramid schemes and from misrepresenting multilevel marketing participants’ income potential.

The FTC sued Noland (also known as Jay Noland, J.D. Noland, and J. Noland), his wife Lina Noland, Scott Harris, and Thomas Sacca, in connection with SBH in January 2020 and added charges related to VOZ Travel in September 2020. The FTC alleged that they operated the businesses as pyramid schemes, making outlandish claims that “the masses” could be making more than $1 million each month by following Noland’s system, when in fact very few consumers made any money, and most lost significant sums. 

In its ruling, the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona found that the Nolands, Harris, and Sacca violated the FTC Act by operating SBH and VOZ Travel as pyramid schemes and using false promises of “financial freedom.” In addition, the court found Harris and Sacca were aware of the order against Noland stemming from a prior FTC case, and thus, they and Noland were in contempt of that order. In its ruling, the court cited the “sheer volume of deceptive tactics and statements associated with” both SBH and VOZ Travel.

“The court’s order holding these defendants in contempt and barring them from the multilevel marketing business should send a strong message that FTC orders should not be ignored,” said Samuel Levine, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “The FTC will not hesitate to act with the full force of the law to protect the American public and hold recidivists accountable.”

The court also noted that Harris told an audience at one private SBH marketing event, “Is this one of those pyramid things? Hell, yeah it is. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be doing it. Do I look dumb enough to go get a job again?”

In addition, the court ruled that the defendants’ false claims about Noland’s own wealth in selling the pyramid schemes were “outrageous.” Noland, for example, told SBH and VOZ Travel members, “I’ve been financially free, completely time and money free since I was 36.”  In fact, as the court found, at the age of 36, Noland “was living (or was about to start living) off credit cards.” 

Additionally, although Noland told SBH and VOZ members he was a multi-millionaire, the court explained that “[i]n his January 2020 sworn financial statement, Noland reported he had a negative net worth.” Similarly, at a deposition in this case, “Noland was unable to identify a time he ever had a positive net worth.”

The defendants used these and other false claims to boost their promises that SBH affiliates would achieve their own financial freedom, like becoming millionaires, or having an income stream of $20,000 per month. Instead, the court found “the great majority of SBH affiliates were net losers” of money, and “the few who may have eked out a net positive outcome did not obtain anything close to the ‘financial freedom’ that was being offered.”  The court, for example, found that one “top retailer” in SBH earned less from those sales “than what an individual would earn from a full-time minimum wage job.”

The court’s ruling permanently bans Noland, his wife Lina Noland, Harris and Sacca from any participation in multi-level marketing. In its ruling, the court said they “…have found themselves to be utterly incapable of operating an MLM business in a lawful manner.”

The ruling also imposes a $7.3 million judgment on Noland, Harris, and Sacca, the full amount sought by the FTC. Any amount recovered by the FTC will be used to redress consumers. The court also found that the defendants committed multiple “acts of dishonesty,” including “destroying evidence, violating court orders, giving false under-oath testimony, and taking no accountability for the misconduct after being caught.”

The FTC’s suit against SBH and VOZ Travel also named a number of corporate entities behind the two pyramid schemes; the case against those entities is ongoing. The FTC has extensive information and guidance for consumers about multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes on its website, as well as guidance for businesses.

Official news published at https://www.ftc.gov/news-events/news/press-releases/2023/05/federal-court-finds-james-d-jay-noland-jr-operator-success-health-voz-travel-contempt-court-order

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Contact Information:
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Keen’s Buildings Extends Partnership With RJ Hampshire for the 2023 Pro Motocross Season

"RJ is an incredibly talented rider, and we have no doubt that he has what it takes to bring home the championship this year," Keen stated.

Keen’s Buildings Extends Partnership With RJ Hampshire for the 2023 Pro Motocross Season
RJ Hampshire #24

RJ Hampshire, Kicking off the 2023 Pro Motocross Championship Season with Keens Buildings and the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team

Keen's Buildings, a leading provider of high-quality storage solutions, is thrilled to announce the extension of their partnership with RJ Hampshire #24 for the upcoming 2023 Pro Motocross Championship season. RJ Hampshire, an accomplished rider representing the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team, has proven to be an outstanding brand ambassador for Keen's Buildings.

Kevin Keen, CEO of Keen's Buildings, expressed his excitement about the continued collaboration with RJ Hampshire. "We are excited to extend our partnership with RJ for the 2023 Pro Motocross season," said Keen. "RJ has been an incredible asset to our brand, and we are confident in his abilities to excel on the track."

As a prominent figure in the motocross industry, RJ Hampshire has showcased immense talent, determination, and sportsmanship throughout his career. His achievements on the track and his dedication to his craft align perfectly with Keen's Buildings' values and commitment to excellence.

The partnership between Keen's Buildings and RJ Hampshire has proven to be mutually beneficial. It not only highlights the shared passion for motorsports but also underscores the importance of quality, durability, and reliability - qualities that both Keen's Buildings and RJ Hampshire embody.

With the 2023 Pro Motocross season on the horizon, Keen's Buildings and RJ Hampshire are eager to pursue their shared goal of championship success. Kevin Keen has expressed his confidence in RJ's abilities and believes that "RJ is an incredibly talented rider, and we have no doubt that he has what it takes to bring home the championship this year," Keen stated.

The 2023 Pro Motocross Championship, Race Schedule kicks off tomorrow, May 27, 2003, at the Fox Raceway in Pala, CA.

The extended partnership between Keen's Buildings and RJ Hampshire signifies the continued commitment to excellence and the shared vision of pushing boundaries and achieving greatness in the world of motocross.

About Keen's Buildings:

Keen's Buildings is a trusted provider of high-quality storage sheds, metal garages, carports and steel buildings, offering customized solutions to meet diverse storage needs. With over 75,000 installs and an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, durability, and customer satisfaction, Keen's Buildings has established itself as a leading name in the industry.

About RJ Hampshire:

RJ Hampshire, representing the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team, is a highly talented and respected motocross athlete. With an impressive track record and a relentless drive for success, RJ has established himself as a prominent figure in the sport.

Contact Information:
Craig Heineman
(386) 364-7995

Original Source: Keen's Buildings Extends Partnership With RJ Hampshire for the 2023 Pro Motocross Season
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