Mercury Workspace by Secured Communications Continues to Win the Race With Messaging Layer Security

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Mercury Workspace – How Smart Business Communicates

John Parkinson, President, Secured Communications

John Parkinson, President, Secured Communications

Robert Wilson, CEO, Secured Communications

Robert Wilson, CEO, Secured Communications

Replaces Problems with Email and Messaging Apps that Claim to be Secure

Mercury Workspace is filling the security gap in business communications that executives have been searching for.”

— Robert Wilson, CEO, Secured Communications

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2022 / — Since announcing the world’s first commercial implementation of Messaging Layer Security (MLS) in its communications platform in January 2022, Mercury Workspace, powered by Secured Communications, continues to be the FIRST and most complete MLS implementation among Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) competitors, and has now been even further enhanced with the latest cutting-edge security and increased productivity for the corporate market.

Developed in partnership with former senior FBI and global law enforcement leaders, the company has a legacy in security and is a world leader in its field. Its communications and collaboration platform has been used and trusted for over six years by counter terrorism and security professionals, and corporations worldwide, for sharing sensitive and private information.

Built on a foundation of security, Mercury Workspace is a suite of productivity tools that facilitate secure collaboration for vetted teams in corporate business and governmental organizations. The three fundamental components of the platform—fully encrypted messaging, file sharing of unlimited size, and HD video conferencing—are each secured using state of the art Multifactor Authentication (MFA) techniques to verify user identity, such as passkeys and biometric authentication, along with novel and next-generation encryption techniques. Moreover, the company will continue to lead the market in the execution of its quantum safe strategy.

Secured Communications’ CEO, Robert Wilson, said, “Mercury Workspace is filling the security gap in business communications that executives have been searching for. MLS has given us a distinct competitive advantage as it clearly positions us as the company best able to safeguard our clients’ communications. Though we have been the first to win the race to MLS, we continue to strive to be at the forefront of groundbreaking security solutions to protect clients against an expanding threat environment.“

Many popular End-to-End Encrypted (E2EE) messaging applications on the market today have made it easy to communicate in the global environment, but the protocols used in these apps lose their security integrity when more than two people or devices are in a conversation. This means even direct messages can be compromised. These messaging platforms use “sender keys”, which are sent WITH the message for the other participant’s devices to decrypt, easily exposing group conversations to ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks, and once compromised, an intruder can passively listen in on conversations going forward.

Conversely, with Mercury, MLS provides an additional layer of security in which each message is encrypted and thus protected individually. Consider messaging as a “pipe” and MLS as unlimited pipes within that pipe, encrypting each message separately to keep them secure.

Mercury Workspace’s latest robust admin controls and rich text editor on both desktop and mobile app also allow corporations to be more productive and secure than email which has proven to be one of the most vulnerable forms of business communications with the high risk of business email compromise (BEC) due to phishing, ransomware and malware.

John Parkinson OBE, President of Secured Communications, said: “Security is in our DNA. In a world of uncertainty where data is being compromised at every turn, we have based our technology on a foundation of security that comprises all of the productivity tools you need into one simple fully encrypted platform to remove vulnerability altogether. Because of the ultimate security we offer, Mercury Workspace gives business leaders peace of mind, while mitigating the risk to their companies and clients.”

Online demonstrations of the new technology are available to businesses and organizations globally. To find out more and book an appointment, please visit:

For further information and interview requests please contact Melanie Hill, Director of Media and PR, by email at

Notes to Editors:

Secured Communications is the global leader in safeguarding communications, and How Smart Business Communicates. Developed in partnership with former senior FBI and global law enforcement leaders, the company’s suite of products protects information with the most advanced and intuitive encrypted solutions. Its platform is trusted by counterterrorism professionals, public safety agencies and vetted corporations worldwide.

Mercury, powered by Secured Communications, allows users to host secured video conferences, make secure calls, send messages, and share files of unlimited size seamlessly, all within a single application interface in confidence with confidence, every time.

Secured Communications views its clients as partners and offers first class personalized support in addition to providing customization services and integrations to help them manage their most sensitive communications and stay in control of vital information.

Secured Communications prides itself on being a socially responsible company dedicated to improving security measures both near and far. Our Global Responsibility Initiative is founded on a grant program that expands our commitment to law enforcement, global intelligence and counter-terrorism agencies worldwide.

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Mercury – How Smart Business Communicates

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