Recession outlook: Is the economy closer to an economic downturn or can it be avoided?

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This video contains previously recorded segments from June 1 thru June 30, 2022.

Evercore ISI Senior MD Julian Emanuel joins Yahoo Finance Live anchors Brad Smith and Julie Hyman to discuss the state of the economy, inflation, gas prices, and the outlook for a recession.

Jurrien Timmer, Fidelity Investments Director of Global Macro, discusses inflation expectations in the bond market, the Fed’s dual mandate, and the likelihood of a recession.

Crossmark Global Investments CIO Bob Doll assess the market’s stability after weeks of volatility, inflation, recession concerns and more.

Truist Chief Market Strategist Keith Lerner joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the global economy, recessionary risks, and rate hikes, as well as market expectations.

Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer weighs in on the risk of a U.S. recession and how the country could learn from prior recessions about what to expect.

Yahoo Finance’s Alexandra Semenova joins the Live show to discuss recession calls among Wall Street’s big banks.

Yahoo Finance political reporter Rick Newman breaks down the build-up surrounding recession calls, President Biden’s comments, inflation, and foreign energy markets within Russia.

Queens College Cambridge President Mohamed El-Erian talks recessionary risks and more.

Zach Hill, Horizon Investments Head of Portfolio Management, and ERShares COO Eva Ados sit examine the possibilities of a recession amid market volatility.

New York Life Investments Economist and Portfolio Strategist Lauren Goodwin joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss the state of the stock market as Fed Chair Powell testifies in front of Congress, policy tightening, labor demand, supply woes, and recessionary risks.

Yahoo Finance Live anchor Julie Hyman breaks down the stat of the day which looks at how much stocks fell during recessions going back to World War II.

Melissa Brown, Qontigo Managing Director of Applied Research, and Ryan Payne, Payne Capital Management President & ‘Payne Points of Wealth’ Podcast Host, sit down with Yahoo Finance Live to discuss tech stock rallies after weeks of volatility

Yahoo Finance’s Myles Udland and Brian Chung discuss Larry Summers’, Wall Street economists and Goldman Sachs’s latest statements regarding the outlook for a recession.

JPMorgan Chase & Co. Chief Economist Bruce Kasman joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the state of the economy and recessionary risks.

Yahoo Finance’s Myles Udland joins the Live show to discuss bear market rallies as well as the outlook for a recession.

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Goldman Sachs raising its recession prediction to a 30% probability.

Yahoo Finance political columnist Rick Newman looks at how executive leadership across industries is assessing recessionary forecasts and more.

Yahoo Finance Live’s Brian Sozzi breaks down the chart of the day.

Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman joins the Live show to discuss President Biden’s take on recessionary fears.

John Hancock Investment Management Co-Chief Investment Strategist Emily Roland and Wells Fargo Senior Economist Sarah House join Yahoo Finance Live to discuss recession risks.

Yahoo Finance’s Alexandra Semenova breaks down what major Wall Street companies and banks are saying about the possibility of an imminent recession.

Wells Fargo Investment Institute Investment Strategy Analyst Veronica Willis discusses economic growth, market concerns, recessionary risks, and the outlook for the Fed’s 75 basis point rate hike.

Stifel Chief Economist Lindsey Piegza joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss market expectations ahead of the Fed’s FOMC meeting, inflation, and recessionary risks.

Laffer Tengler Investments CEO and CIO Nancy Tengler discusses how markets are reacting to the latest CPI data, the pace of the Fed’s interest rate hikes, recession concerns and more.

Lakshman Achuthan, Economic Cycle Research Institute Co-Founder, joins the Live show to discuss the odds of a recession occurring.

RBC Capital Markets Head of U.S. Equity Strategy Lori Calvasina discusses May consumer price index (CPI) data, inflation, recessionary risks, and stocks.

Yahoo Finance’s Brian Cheung discusses potential recession warning signs from the OECD and the Atlanta Fed’s GDP tracker.

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss the World Bank’s outlook on inflation as well as the possibility for a recession in developing economies.

Heritage Capital President Paul Schatz and Simplify ETF CEO Paul Kim join Yahoo Finance Live to examine market volatility ahead of economic data, inflation, recession concerns and more.

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Cardi B’s latest tweet surrounding the possibility of a recession.

Deutsche Bank Chief US Economist Matthew Luzzetti joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss recessionary risks, inflation, the April JOLTS report, stock market futures, and the outlook for Fed policy.

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