Kerri Walsh Jennings Announces Nonprofit Launch of p1440 Foundation

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Co-founded in 2018 by three-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings and seven-time AVP Open Champion Casey Jennings, Platform 1440, or p1440, was established to strengthen opportunities in the sport of beach volleyball. To place emphasized focus on this objective, p1440 is excited to announce its nonprofit launch of p1440 Foundation, Inc.

p1440 Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization with the vision of a world where beach volleyball is a vehicle for change, inspiring its greater community, from all backgrounds and skill levels, to become the best version of themselves, on and off the court. The mission of p1440 Foundation is to unite, empower, and inspire through the transformative sport of beach volleyball.

"There are 1440 minutes in a day, and I have always believed in making the most of every one," said Kerri Walsh Jennings, Founder of p1440 Foundation. "With our newly defined mission, p1440 Foundation will stay true to our roots, and becoming a nonprofit will enable us to focus resources on developing the holistic individual at every level of play."


While beach volleyball is one of the fastest-growing collegiate sports with a 500% increase in NCAA teams since 2011, the sport continues to be underfunded. Rising costs of club sports are pricing out many youth athletes before they can even get to the college level. Even professional beach volleyball players can struggle, where earnings come from tournament prizes and endorsements and vary greatly between athletes. With increased demand, competition is at an all-time high, forcing junior athletes to overexert themselves, risking injury and burnout.

"p1440 Foundation believes in changing the game of beach volleyball and the lives of those impacted by the sport," said E. Ashley Dean, CEO of p1440 Foundation. "By creating space for individuals of all ages and skill levels to learn, play, and compete, we can provide access to the game and strengthen opportunities for those within. The Foundation is an expansion of p1440's existing initiatives and beyond. You can expect the same passion for beach volleyball with added emphasis on the development of individuals' mind, body, and spirit."


Since 2022, p1440 has been disrupting the sport by giving back over $200k in scholarship funding to its athletes via programs like:

  • Futures Tour, a nationwide tour of tournaments for juniors at an elite level of play.
  • Triple Crown tournaments, events providing opportunities for all junior levels to compete at the local and regional levels.

p1440 supports over 100 affiliate clubs with development resources, which enables the sport to grow, especially in markets like the Pacific Northwest and South Central US. This affiliate program and other p1440-run events have built a network of over 5,700 players in 38 states and 3 countries. With the growth of beach volleyball at the collegiate level, p1440 believes in providing exposure opportunities, via clinics, player profiles, and livestream, to put more junior athletes in front of college coaches to maximize the potential for recruitment and growth.

Over 150 athletes have participated in fab50, a tryout-based program that brings together the best juniors in the game for elite training, service opportunities, mentorship, and educational sessions on topics like mental health awareness, personal branding & NIL agreements, college recruitment guidance, and more. Athletes leave the program with invaluable leadership skills and a community of peers to support one another as they advance in their careers.

At the collegiate level, p1440 will be hosting two invitationals this fall, bringing together student-athletes to compete, network, and connect with mentors to prepare for life after college. 

What's New: With p1440 Foundation's community programming, over 1,000 elementary students will be exposed to beach volleyball and valuable life skills exercises in 2023. This summer, p1440 Foundation was awarded a grant to work with Los Angeles United School District on a program for youth students, the Foundation's first p1440 Gives Back program. Students will get exposure to volleyball and a toolkit of skills training, like breath work, team building, ways to control emotions, and more.  


Play With p1440: p1440 is expanding opportunities to play at all skill levels. To learn more about programming and resources, visit

Volunteer Opportunities: p1440 Foundation believes the unique backgrounds, talents, and skillsets of volunteers allow the organization to deliver on its mission. The needs of p1440 change based on current events, and p1440 provides flexibility in providing in-person, hybrid, and remote volunteer opportunities. 

  • Beach Volleyball & Events: Support beach volleyball and fundraising events
  • Staff Support: Assist with various business needs across the organization
  • Junior Volunteers: Community service opportunities for youth who want to give back

Support p1440 Foundation by Donating Here

By creating space for individuals of all ages and skill levels to learn and play the game and by strengthening opportunities within the sport, donations will support the growth of the beach volleyball community, in areas such as:

  • Scholarship Funds: Provide participants in p1440 Foundation programs and events with access to play or advance their education
  • p1440 Gives Back: Programs that introduce under-resourced youth to beach volleyball and life skills
  • fab50 Program: Invest in the future of juniors at the top of their game
  • p1440 Program Operations & Resources: Fund the behind-the-scenes operations working to create successful programs

A special thank-you to the sponsors who support the mission of p1440 Foundation: Franklin Sports, Garden of Life, and Yes Bar.

About p1440 Foundation

p1440 Foundation strengthens the opportunities for those in the sport of beach volleyball and strives to provide access to more play and learning. p1440 Foundation is a nonprofit organization that conceptualizes making the most of every minute, aiming to inspire those impacted by beach volleyball to live life to its fullest and provide communities with opportunities for personal development and growth. As a nonprofit, the generosity of donors is critical to delivering the mission of p1440 Foundation. For more information, please visit or visit us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter at @platform1440.


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