Miami Dolphins Share the Role Technology Innovation Plays in the Fan Experience

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Michael Shaw, VP of Brand Marketing for the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium, shared insights in a Fireside Chat with Alex Otanez, CEO of Shockoe

This week, the Miami Dolphins, a technology leader in the NFL, joined Shockoe for a fireside chat at the Brand Innovators Winning the Digital Race event. During the conversation, Michael Shaw, VP of Brand Marketing for the Miami Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium, discussed how his team leverages innovative technologies to enhance fan engagement, drive revenue and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Shockoe's CEO Alex Otanez led the fireside chat across topics including the upcoming Miami Grand Prix, Hard Rock Stadium's overarching vision and the Miami Dolphins' approach to marketing and fan engagement. 

"Technology plays a significant role in enhancing the fan experience," said Alex Otanez, Shockoe's CEO. "We're constantly exploring new technologies to help our customers engage with fans in new and exciting ways."

As an important part of the Miami community, Shaw highlighted how the team gives back to the area, both during the Miami Grand Prix as well as throughout the year. He and Otanez discussed how technology can improve the fan experience, along with the Hard Rock Stadium's transformation into a technologically advanced venue.

"At Shockoe, we bring measurable impact to all of our work; it was a pleasure to hear in more detail how the Miami Dolphins measure their fan engagement strategies," said Otanez. "The team has invested heavily in creating a top-of-the-line stadium; we've seen how investments like these not only enhance the fan experience but improve revenue and brand engagement."

Looking to the future, Shaw sees the intersection of sports, technology, and marketing evolving rapidly over the next decade and opportunities for teams like the Miami Dolphins to lead the way. For its part, Shockoe remains dedicated to its role as a transparent and trusted partner for organizations across sports leagues looking to innovate. Learn more about the future of sports technology at:


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