Agency Guacamole Hosts Seventh B.L.N.D. Event in Los Angeles to Support DE&I in Professional Beauty/Lifestyle

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Panel on Genderless Beauty Brought Together Top LA-Based Creators, Industry Pros and Media

Agency Guacamole, a Los Angeles-based communications firm supporting leading beauty and lifestyle brands, hosted its seventh Beauty, Lifestyle and Nurturing Diversity (B.L.N.D.) event on Oct. 25, 2023, in Los Angeles. This year's B.L.N.D. conversation was around gender diversity with the theme “Genderless Beauty – The Future is Now.”

"What a special evening!” said Bilal Kaiser, founder and principal at Agency Guacamole. “This year’s topic around Genderless Beauty gave each of our panelists the opportunity to share their perspectives and passion for the industry and bring new insights to those of us working in the beauty/lifestyle categories.

“Our seventh B.L.N.D. event was our biggest event to date, and I couldn’t be more proud,” he added.

This year’s B.L.N.D. panel was moderated by Kaiser and featured three panelists:

  • Frederic Chen, beauty and lifestyle content creator 
  • Gloria Noto, professional makeup artist and founder of beauty brand NOTO Botanics
  • Maebe A. Girl, drag queen and Treasurer and At-Large Representative for the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council

Each panelist brought a unique perspective on the genderless beauty movement and covered a multitude of topics under the genderless beauty umbrella, including authenticity, inclusive marketing and the future of gender in the beauty industry.

Numerous brand partners were involved in the event, including Urban Decay Cosmetics, Baxter of California and Suntory, and guests were invited to a make-their-own-gift-bag station featuring covetable beauty products from the event’s gifting sponsors. 

B.L.N.D. started in 2018 and has taken place in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta and virtually since then. The goal of this annual initiative is to bring together key opinion leaders, industry executives, content creators and editors to talk about different themes around inclusivity.

"Our coast-to-coast experiences have brought together a community of amazing people who want to do and learn more,” added Kaiser. “After this year’s event, the feedback from our audience is even clearer that more conversations around DE&I are needed in the beauty and lifestyle categories — and we are up to the challenge. Just wait until you hear what we’re cooking up for B.L.N.D. in 2024.”


Agency Guacamole is an award-winning influencer marketing, PR and events firm, dedicated to exceptional service and developing innovative, cross-platform experiences for leading beauty and lifestyle brands. From product launch campaigns, content initiatives. influencer partnerships and experiential activations, Team AG thrives on bringing each client's vision to life in ways that are unique yet fun.

Just as a delicious guacamole recipe brings together various ingredients to produce a wonderful final product, so does Agency Guacamole's approach to experiential, social and PR: connecting the dots, sharing meaningful stories and inspiring all involved to deliver impactful, impressive and — of course — delicious results. 

Join us as we change the world one chip at a time.

Find out more at or follow us @AgencyGuacamole.

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Original Source: Agency Guacamole Hosts Seventh B.L.N.D. Event in Los Angeles to Support DE&I in Professional Beauty/Lifestyle

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