American Artist Angie Crabtree Announces Her Debut LA Art Show “FLAWLESS”

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Flawless by Angie Crabtree

"angie crabtree"

Angie Crabtree in progress

"angie crabtree"

angie crabtree portrait

The Genre-Bending Multi-faceted Event Will Take Place in Beverly Hills, CA on July 22, 2022

I have fond memories of panning for gold and gems with my grandfather.”

— Angie Crabtree

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 5, 2022 / — American artist Angie Crabtree presents FLAWLESS, the much anticipated LA art exhibition featuring category bending fine art, high-end jewelry, and a fresh perspective on American consumerist culture. The millennial artist lauded by celebrities, art collectors and jewelers alike will also be debuting a new line of original fine jewelry.

Crabtree’s work is collected by Royalty and has been commissioned by world famous diamond companies including DeBeers and Chopard. Her beautiful paintings of actual gemstones are unique works of art that capture the light and beauty that exists naturally in precious gems.

FLAWLESS by Angie Crabtree is a multifaceted genre bending creative show, shining light on original artworks, jewelry and precious diamonds and gems. During the pandemic, Angie moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco to her new studio in Inglewood’s art district. This is Angie’s Los Angeles debut show, with lauded celebrities, collectors, influencers and diamond industry representatives expected to attend.

Angie’s new works including her largest painting to date, a 10ft emerald cut diamond, will be exhibited for the first time ever. Also featured in the show are portraits of famous diamonds including the Argyle Muse, Argyle Alpha and Pink Legacy.

Additionally, a portrait of a red diamond, titled “Blood, Sweat, and Tears”, painted in oils and the artist’s own blood, will be on display for the first time.

From carrots to carats, Crabtree has come a long way from her humble beginnings in rural Northern California. Fascinated by American consumerism and pop culture from a young age, she was inspired to step out of her comfort zone and explore the realms of materialism and consumption.

From an early age Crabtree has been passionate about teaching art to others, having spent over 15 years of her life dedicated to education. In 2009 Crabtree graduated from the prestigious San Francisco Art institute where she studied painting.

Her first show in 2012 focused on the American dream of wealth and luxury, featuring a giant painting of a lottery ticket, a hundred-dollar bill, and blank check amongst other similarly themed works. As part of the show, Crabtree unveiled the world’s first ever large painting of a diamond, 5 ft tall, landing her the nickname of “The Diamond Painter ™.”

“I was passionate about teaching kids but I also had bills to pay and my own dream of becoming a professional artist to pursue,” says Crabtree. “I have fond memories of panning for gold and gems with my grandfather. I couldn’t afford a diamond, so I thought the best way to get one was to paint one!”


Who: American Artist Angie Crabtree

What: FLAWLESS, a genre-bending art show celebrating art, jewels, and pop culture.

When: The media event will be taking place on July 22, 2022 at 6:30pm. The show closes August 14, 2022.

Where: 9410 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Angie Crabtree is an artist and designer whose paintings offer a rigorous study of light and optics, approaching the subject matter as portraiture of modern-day relics for a world that loves beautiful trophies. Her work uses precious gemstones as a means to unpack the psychology and allure of luxury culture. Crabtree’s works are collected by celebrities, art dealers, diamond industry veterans and many others.

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