DayBreak Adult Care Launches Free Co-Op Model Guide to Support Caregivers and Enhance Senior Care

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DayBreak Adult Care, a leading provider of senior care services, is thrilled to announce the launch of their Co-op Model Guidebook, which is a free downloadable manual to replicating services. This comprehensive resource aims to empower caregivers and revolutionize the senior care landscape by offering valuable insights and practical strategies for establishing and operating Adult Day Co-ops. The guide is available for free download on DayBreak’s official Co-op website,

DayBreak recognizes the increasing challenges faced by caregivers and the critical need for innovative solutions in senior care. With their new Co-op Model Guidebook, DayBreak is committed to supporting caregivers, reducing costs, and building vibrant communities that prioritize the well-being of seniors. 

The Co-op Model Guidebook provides Adult Day Programs with the tools to lower daily rates and reduce staff overhead, ultimately creating a more affordable and accessible senior care environment. The guide also highlights the importance of building a strong volunteer network within the community. By leveraging the power of volunteers, Adult Day Co-ops can enhance their services, provide personalized care, and foster a sense of belonging for seniors. The guide offers valuable insights on how to recruit, train, and engage volunteers effectively. 

Caregivers often face isolation and the overwhelming challenges in providing care for their loved ones as well. The Co-op Model Guidebook addresses this issue by offering sustainable on-site respite care options, ensuring that caregivers can take much-needed breaks while their loved ones receive the care they deserve. By reducing isolation and providing support, DayBreak aims to empower caregivers and improve their overall well-being. 

Lastly, Adult Day Co-ops play a crucial role in building strong communities. With the Co-op Model Guidebook, caregivers have the opportunity to join a network of Adult Day Co-ops around the country, fostering collaboration and the sharing of best practices in senior care. 

"We are excited to launch our Co-op Model Guidebook, which empowers caregivers and revolutionizes senior care," said Roger Skillin, Family Caregiver Support Manager at DayBreak. "We believe that by lowering costs, supporting caregivers, and building vibrant communities, we can create a more inclusive and compassionate environment for our seniors." 

To download the free Co-op Model Guidebook and learn more about DayBreak Adult Care, please visit For media inquiries, please contact Loata at 

DayBreak Adult Care has partnered with organizations such as the Institute of Aging and The Presence Care Project to ensure that caregivers have access to expert knowledge and resources. Learn more at:

About DayBreak Adult Care:

DayBreak Adult Care is a leading provider of senior care services dedicated to enhancing the lives of seniors and supporting their caregivers. With a commitment to equity, affordability, and community, DayBreak strives to be at the forefront of senior care solutions. Learn more at:

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Original Source: DayBreak Adult Care Launches Free Co-Op Model Guide to Support Caregivers and Enhance Senior Care

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