Leading the Way in Lipedema Treatment: New Medical Institute in Salt Lake City Expands Access to Life-Changing Therapy

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Dr. David Amron

Dr. David Amron of the Roxbury Institute

With over 17 million women affected by lipedema in the United States, The Roxbury Institute is expanding access to its life-changing treatment. On Sept. 8, 2023, the leading medical institute for lipedema therapy and education will open its doors in Salt Lake City to the first facility in Utah dedicated specifically to treating this often painful disease. This new center marks a major milestone in the Institute's mission to advance knowledge and provide comprehensive treatment for lipedema.

Lipedema, a chronic condition marked by abnormal and disproportionate fat accumulation in the legs and arms, affects an estimated 1 in 9 women worldwide. Acknowledging the widespread impact of this little-understood disease, Advanced Lipedema Treatment has pioneered a dedicated facility to serve as a beacon of hope for those affected both locally and globally.

Under the guiding hand of Dr. David Amron, ALT is setting a new standard in lipedema care. Recognized internationally as the pioneer of lipedema treatment in the United States, Dr. Amron carries over 25 years of surgical experience and more than 12,000 successful surgeries. His leadership drives ALT towards delivering groundbreaking therapy for those battling lipedema.

"I'm excited about the meaningful change we can bring to Salt Lake City. Our center is more than a clinic; it's a place of healing where women can find expert care, renewed hope, and reclaim a stronger, healthier life," said Dr. Amron. "We also aim to be a trusted resource for medical professionals seeking to provide the best lipedema treatment for their patients."

Building on the model and impact achieved at its Beverly Hills location, ALT's vision of being the achievable solution for lipedema involves improved access through conveniently located facilities, and also simplifying the burden of complicated insurance coverage. To support this vision, ALT provides patients with an in-house insurance team at no additional cost. Their role assists in insurance navigation and securing approvals, which makes ALT's transformative treatments more easily attainable.

"In Salt Lake City, we're not just launching a new treatment facility. We're starting a new chapter in our journey to help women with lipedema regain control of their lives. As a doctor, it's truly rewarding to see patients turn a corner towards a healthier, more active future," added Dr. Amron.

Exclusive to the esteemed Institute, ALT's state-of-the-art facility will offer specialized lipedema treatments as the area's leading provider. The new medical institute provides localized access for Utah residents while also ensuring easier access for out-of-state patients seeking care.

With Salt Lake City setting the stage, through its Advanced Lipedema Treatment program, The Roxbury Institute is determined to expand its revolutionary support system for women battling lipedema and extend access to world-class treatment, pioneering a shift in lipedema patient care. 

Starting today, consultations can be scheduled for the upcoming Salt Lake City facility. For more information, visit www.AdvancedLipedemaTreatment.com or call 424-333-9944.


Led by renowned expert Dr. David Amron, the globally recognized Advanced Lipedema Treatment (ALT) program offers personalized, life-changing treatment for those battling lipedema. Leveraging decades of experience and over 12,000 successful surgeries, ALT pioneers breakthrough treatments that significantly enhance the quality of life for women afflicted by lipedema — helping these patients regain the active, healthy, and happy lives they deserve. 

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Original Source: Leading the Way in Lipedema Treatment: New Medical Institute in Salt Lake City Expands Access to Life-Changing Therapy

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