Physician and TV Show Host Dr. Yael Varnado Shares Wellness Advice for National Wellness Month on TipsOnTV

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A timely reminder to focus on self-care, managing stress and promoting healthy routines.

Physician and TV Show Host Dr. Yael Varnado Shares Wellness Advice for National Wellness Month on TipsOnTV
Dr. Yael Varnado shares ideas for National Wellness Month

Physician & TV Host Dr. V offers ideas to help improve your overall well-being during National Wellness Month

ATLANTA - August 16, 2022 - (

During summer, it's easy to lose track of our healthy habits. That's why August is National Wellness Month, the perfect time to re-focus our efforts on self-care, managing stress and promoting healthy routines. Trusted health and lifestyle expert, Dr. Yael Varnado, affectionately called "Dr. V," shared some timely tips and products to stay as healthy, as possible this time of year.


Summer is in full swing, so proper hydration is more important than ever for physical and mental well-being. FIJI Water is the nation's number one imported premium bottled water brand and is available in a variety of sizes. It is perfect for summer workouts or entertaining. It is slowly filtered through ancient volcanic rock in Fiji, naturally gathering more than double the electrolytes compared to the other two top premium bottled water brands. These naturally occurring electrolytes give FIJI Water its signature soft, smooth feel. Now, have it delivered directly to the door just go to to subscribe.


Feel prepared to tackle health and wellness needs. Mental health is a critical element of one's overall health and must be taken into account. Gravie, an innovative health benefits company focused on putting consumers first, is encouraging just that. Their flagship product, Comfort™, provides 100% coverage on most common healthcare services, including mental health care. On the rare occasion out-of-pocket costs do arise, Gravie Pay™, an interest-free repayment option, makes taking care of your health less stressful. Visit,


Fiber is a key component of good health that deserves more attention because it plays a major role in maintaining overall wellness. Benefiber is a powder that contains plant-based fiber. While there are many probiotics on the market, the all-new Benefiber Advanced Digestive Health Prebiotic plus Probiotic Stick Packs offer the dual benefit of prebiotic fiber plus probiotics in a convenient, on-the-go stick pack. Combining prebiotics and probiotics adds more and nourishes good bacteria in the gut to help promote digestive health. Visit,


Clean air in the home has never been more important, and the Aeris by iRobot aair Lite air purifier makes clean air a reality. Featuring certified HEPA filtration and a completely sealed design that removes airborne particulates like dust, pet dander, smoke and pollen, it is great for spaces such as bedrooms, smaller living areas and home offices. The aair Lite's smart technology allows it to clean the air automatically, while also informing you of air quality. Wi-Fi connectivity allows control, directly via the app and its sleek and compact design fits seamlessly into a home. Visit,


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Original Source: Physician and TV Show Host Dr. Yael Varnado Shares Wellness Advice for National Wellness Month on TipsOnTV

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Contact Information:
Chris Brinton
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Tom Davis
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Original Source: Aerial Vantage to Participate in Newchip's Online Demo Week

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