Rivers are Life Celebrates First Anniversary with One Year of Impact

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Rivers are Life is proud to celebrate one year of raising awareness for the planet's vital river ecosystems and the individuals and organizations that serve them. Today, to commemorate its first year, Rivers are Life released its first-ever "Year in Review" report, committed to a new set of environmental social governance (ESG) goals and introduced a new initiative backing even more global River advocates. The platform is using its resources to spotlight innovative ways to improve, protect and preserve rivers worldwide - all catalyzing positive impact. 

Since its founding in July 2022, Rivers are Life has enhanced the wellness of waterways across the globe through the following initiatives:

  • Uplifting River Heroes-individuals, organizations and businesses dedicated to making a difference for waterways
  • Supporting 1,000 Projects-positive, scalable impact programs taking place on rivers globally
  • Creating Films-visual content that brings broad-scale awareness to these projects worldwide

To date, the platform has completed four projects with many more in progress, premiered 10 films and supported 15 River Heroes, all of which have impacted an estimated 596,000 miles of rivers worldwide. Rivers are Life's full "Year in Review" can be viewed here

"We're here to turn river conservation efforts into a global movement," said Chris Keefer, CEO of BeAlive, a founder of Rivers are Life. "Rivers are Life has built a platform that cultivates a human connection with rivers around the world, and we empower everyone to help usher in a new era of modern river conservation. When we were formed one year ago, we understood the urgent need to bring attention to the true force and fragility of our river systems. We hope to inspire everyone to collectively act and treat rivers as the irreplaceable resources they are." 

As the platform continues to grow, Rivers are Life is ensuring it represents the values of its work and has committed to a new set of ESG efforts. These goals include uplifting waterways, eliminating carbon usage, removing plastic waste and creating an ethical and inclusive organization for all. These goals, which all relate directly to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, will serve as a springboard for additional positive impact on the future of water ecosystems.

As Rivers are Life continues to identify ways to support River Heroes, films and projects that spotlight river conservation, the platform is also commemorating its first year of work with the relaunch of its original 10 films, chronicling the stories of River Heroes spanning five continents from Alaska to Indonesia. The films can be viewed on Rivers are Life's webpage here.

Rivers are Life will also be celebrating its anniversary with a renewed commitment to supporting the diverse efforts in service of rivers around the world. Through a series of donations to nonprofits with varying missions, Rivers are Life will continue to bring needed resources and attention to the knowledgeable, boots-on-the-ground, community-based advocates who are making a difference in science, technology, human impact, wildlife, natural biodiversity, and more.

To get involved locally in Midland, Michigan, Rivers are Life's headquarters, community members are invited to join Midland's annual River Days. Rivers are Life will help community members build 50 monofilament containers with River Hero Cash "The Conservation Kid" Daniels, Ace Hardware, BeAlive, Berkley Fishing, BoatUS Foundation, City of Midland, Chippewa Nature Center and Dow. 

Rivers are Life continues its work with a series of new films set to premiere in the coming months spanning new waterways including rivers in Tennessee, Ohio, Maryland, Poland and Cambodia. To learn more about Rivers are Life and see their work in action, visit RiversareLife.com.

Contact Information:
Julia Regeski
Impact Manager, BeAlive Inc.

Original Source: Rivers are Life Celebrates First Anniversary with One Year of Impact

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