Introducing ‘Beta Investors’: Financial Education Game App Based on ‘Time Machine Trading’ Concept

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Beta Research and Beta Integral unveil an innovative Financial Education Game App, 'Beta Investors', leveraging a unique learning method. Dive into the world of 'Time Machine Trading' and master financial concepts like Beta, Sales growth, ROE, and more. Available for iOS, Android, and Web on Aug. 7, 2023.

Beta Integral, a pioneering force in the realm of Financial Education, is thrilled to announce the launch of its flagship product, 'Beta Investors', which has been developed collaboratively with Beta Research, its Japanese parent company. Founded with a vision to make financial education both entertaining and pragmatic via technology, the company unveils an avant-garde approach to learning. 'Beta Investors' is not just another paper-trading game; it's a transformative experience designed for individuals eager to grasp complex financial metrics in a fun and interactive manner.

Based on the brand-new 'Time Machine Trading' method, players of 'Beta Investors' will journey through various financial epochs, understanding and applying concepts such as Beta, Sales growth, ROE, ROA, and Dividend Yield. The game offers a practical, hands-on approach that demystifies intricate financial metrics and concepts, making them accessible to all.

But the innovation doesn't end there. Beta Integral recognizes the importance of visual learning and has supplemented its game with free Financial Education content available in an engaging animation format on YouTube. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive understanding, catering to varied learning styles.

Under the leadership of Yasuhiro Kawakami, CEO of Beta Integral and Beta Research, with approximately 20 years of Investment and Technology experience, and Yohei Okamoto, Executive Vice President of Beta Research, possessing 20 years of Legal expertise, Beta Integral and Beta Research are poised to disrupt traditional Financial Education paradigms together. Their camaraderie, tracing back to their middle and high school days, brings a unique blend of expertise to the table.

Beyond individual learners, 'Beta Investors' has ambitious plans. Collaborative financial education programs are also offered for Financial Institutions, Financial Advisors, and educational institutions ranging from graduate schools to middle schools. If you are interested in the education programs, please contact: Financial education programs for educational institutions are complimentary. With their innovative approach, Beta Integral and Beta Research are geared towards establishing a new standard in Financial Education.

To explore this game-changing financial educational tool, download the "Beta Investors" app from App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android respectively or visit 'Beta Investors' on its official website ( Dive into a world where learning meets fun, and where every trade is a step towards becoming a more informed investor.

Contact Information:
Yasuhiro Kawakami
Chief Executive Officer

Original Source: Introducing 'Beta Investors': Financial Education Game App Based on 'Time Machine Trading' Concept

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